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Rules of life

of the Rule of life, here some of them:

Everything that it is necessary for us, already at Us is. The task consists consists only in the correct application.

Whether it is an ideal for Us, a charming family, successful career, financial stability, excellent health,
or something is perfect other, what we want, many of us. Even if we are not absolutely precisely defined,
what is it that we actually want (or we think that we want) we still spend our time, doing all kinds of things,
which in our opinion can turn out at us. Result of wearisome work! Everything, our desires can bring us far from ourselves,
and from the present moment where everything occurs. The end result is the dissatisfaction often irrespective of, the “material“ which was how reached
surrounds us.
the Disorder which we create in our life is the bad place for a start.

There is only one you on this planet. Use it. You inspiring, creative, clever and capable.
to Spend any energy to try to resemble someone else - silly.

Doing that something you love, despite everything, you will receive result,
you not only will enjoy more, but you will have more chances actually for creation of steady life. Happiness is infectious.

Trust the instincts “I feel there are two persons, at me inside-. I, and my intuition. If I go against it, it
will vintit me every time, but if I for it, then it is very pleasant and repeatedly favorable to both of us.“. Kim Basinger

to work Hard. Nobody is going to do work for you, rules of life are that.

“It is very not simple to make a hard work. It is my secret. That is why I will win. If it was easy everything would be champions. “ Nadia Comaneci

Be attentive to people. “Your karma a continuum, part of process which happens to you now, but not something is far in future life“. - Osho

Nie listen to critics. “If I tried to consider and furthermore to answer, on all attacks to me, then idea to succeed it was possible to consider closed and for any other business“. Abraham Lincoln

words Be patient. Things cannot occur in short terms. The patience can be your biggest asset.
Develop it.

Care for yourself. Your health responsibility, which completely under your control.

“Each person is the author of own health or an illness“. Buddha

Prekratit to complain. If it is not pleasant to you, something, change it. We cannot change everything, but we can make very little that in our efforts.
Derive pleasure. If you are not cheerful, then what sense in it?

“If you strictly follow all rules, you will get all the most interesting“.