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Microbes on the smartphone

We use cell phones around the world. They live in our pockets and purses. We use them practically everywhere, and we lay down them practically on any available surface - in kitchen, on a table in coffee, on a bench in park. We even share it with others. We not only make calls, but also we exchange video, we play games, we send e-mail and we check for Facebook of friends. Our smartphones really our constant satellites, and they are affected by many bacteria.

Add to it madness of activity by the fact that microbes like to prosper in warm places. Not only your smartphone generates the own warmly, but also receives the help from your own heat of a body, spending time in your hands and near your mouth. Besides, not many people think to treat the phones. It is not surprising that smartphones are the main nurseries of bacteria. Typical phones have more bacteria, than your office working space, and some it is even more, than a toilet bowl seat.

Researchers found out that 94,5 percent of phones were infected with some species of bacteria, many of which were steady against several antibiotics. Researchers could prove that a significant amount of microbes was given from hands to the phones and vice versa. Actually, about 30 percent of bacteria from phone appeared on the owner`s hands. It especially frightens if to consider how often your phone freezes up only in millimeters from your person.

Mostly, however, bacteria which are on your smartphone proceed from own skin. Think of before next time you hang up in the public place or share the phone with someone. You not only touch phone, but also all phone concerned.

Some companies offer antimicrobic and protective films for protection against these terrible microbes, but you can hold phone it as it is, it is just necessary to remember, clean it from time to time. Wipe it with an antibacterial napkin. By means of several simple steps, you can forever drive bacteria out of your smartphone.