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How the badger helped the cosmetologist?

Badger fat valuable medical product. Its curative properties are explained by the accumulation of biologically active agents necessary for an animal for preservation of normal activity within several months of hibernation without food and water. More than 200 years as highly effective, natural lechebno - a preventive preparation are widely applied in official and traditional medicine. At intake it completely for 100% is acquired in blood, enriching it with vitamins, minerals and organic acids necessary for an organism. At reception of badger fat the proteinaceous exchange inside amplifies, immunity of an organism increases, correctness of krovetvoritelny system is regulated.
Badger fat is almost panacea from a set of serious illnesses: tuberculosis of lungs, chronic bronchitis (including smokers), blackout on lungs, the general exhaustion of an organism irrespective of factors, some types of asthma, atherosclerosis, initial stages of a silikoz, stomach ulcer and a duodenum (in old times of a badger in Russia called “yazvennik“), normalizes hemoglobin, activity of intestines, raises a sexual potentiality and some other illnesses and a disease.

External application.
Badger fat is one of the most effective folk remedies which is widely used at frostbites and burns. Creates a thin protective layer which effectively resists to cold wind and a frost on a skin surface. On a chemical composition badger fat is close to structure of skin of the person therefore his use promotes restoration of a natural protective layer (“a lipidic cloak“) of skin.
Fat of a badger are applied at burns, gunshot wounds, stings of animals and insects (mosquitoes, gadflies, flies, bees), cuts, lacerations, sports injuries (stretching of sinews, muscles and sheaves).
Well treats articulate diseases: osteochondroses, radiculitises, arthritises, rheumatism, occupational diseases of the seamen, geologists, hunters, fishermen and people connected with work at low temperatures and continuous overcooling. As consequences of adverse weather factors at the person happen frostbites, obvetrivany hands, the person, lips.

At these diseases fat is applied outwardly in the form of compresses and greasing of affected areas of skin and a body. At pains of rheumatoid and articulate characters their effect considerably amplifies after the Russian bath, a sauna or a hot bathtub.
Also well proved fats at treatment of an initial stage of psoriasis and baldness, skin diseases: the eczemas, dermatitis, trophic ulcers including which are long not healing, rashes, purulent focal inflammations, diathesis at children, allergic skin itches etc.

Application in cosmetology.
Cosmetologists successfully work with badger fat. Amazing results for rather short term are achieved after application of cosmetic masks on a face, a neck and hands. Badger fat enriches skin with vitamins A, B2, B5, B12, K, PP, E, pectins, saponina, carotene, tsitamina, triterpenovy glycosides, minerals and organic acids necessary for an organism. Wrinkles are smoothed, skin rejuvenates, complexion improves, skin becomes gentle, elastic, healthy.
Cosmetic masks from badger fat is especially recommended to be applied during adverse weather conditions (snow, wind, a frost) when skin freezes, is shelled, bursts. Badger fat is capable to prevent these adverse effects.

Recipes of creams with use of badger fat:
the Softening hand cream and legs.
1 of h l.
lecithin of 25 ml of pink water or
vodka of 25 ml of almond
oil of 50 ml of badger
fat of 10 g of
beeswax of 20 drops of essential oil of a tea tree or a lavender

put Lecithin in pink water for the night. Melt almond oil, badger fat and wax on a water bath in the morning, mix, add the dissolved lecithin and remove from fire. Once again carefully mix everything, having added essential oil. Pour in a jar with the twisting cover and you store in the refrigerator. Cream will help to soften the rough cracked skin of hands, elbows and feet, will begin to live cracks.

Grinding for muscles and joints.
of 100 ml of badger
fat of 25 ml of oil of germs of wheat or
jojoba of 10 drops of essential oil of
rosemary of 10 drops of essential oil of a lavender
of 5 drops of essential oil of mint or tea tree.

Kindle badger fat on a water bath, remove from fire and mix with other components. Such grinding will kill muscle or joints pain, will help at cold, overcooling, sports injuries.

Nutritious night dry skin cream.
of 50 ml of cocoa butter or shi
of 50 ml of badger
fat of 1 St a spoon of oil of germs of wheat or
jojoba of 8 drops ilang - an ilang
of 8 drops of a geranium
of 5 drops of a pink tree

the Excellent moistening means containing all nutrients necessary for skin to be restored during our dream. This calming cream will also moisten coarsened skin of hands and elbows.
Warm badger fat and cocoa butter or shi on a water bath before full dissolution. Add oil of germs of wheat or jojoba. Remove from fire, and constantly stirring slowly, let`s be cooled. When a little cools down, add essential oils and pour cream in a jar for storage. Apply as nutritious night face and neck cream.
Storage: in the refrigerator at t of 0 - 5 Pages. Period of storage of 18 months.