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True friends - who are they and from where it is?

you never asked questions: how many at you friends, what they? Why some, apparently, the closest and checked suddenly disappear from the horizon?

Let`s say that you are very sociable person, you have a great number of friends. You have no time to miss because today you have a party to which invited you Roofing felt, tomorrow you go to cinema with Kolya, the day after tomorrow to you Garik with the girl and couple of girlfriends promised to glance on a spark.

It is easy to communicate with the Little table, it is a joker, it has always a good mood. With it it is not boring, but it somehow slides on life, without going deep in any details and problems. With Kolya interestingly, he - widely-read, knows much, always tells about something unusual. But, seemingly, that he got used to hear only himself and not really - that is paid by attention to the one who near it. Garik with the girl - a happening couple, it is a laugher, and he - likes to be soul of the company and philosophize in an occasion and much without. But it is for some reason boring to remain alone with this couple.

It is clear, that different people hold in your friendship specific places in “tables of ranks“. How to find out what type of friends your acquaintances treat? It will help you to estimate your true friends and to distinguish with which of friends it is better to stop communication.

Adviser. Such person will always attentively listen to you, will give a practical advice if you need it. If you have problems and something in life was not taken, then it by all means will help, will support, and you will feel a strong shoulder of the true friend. There is one small “but“: do not abuse his patience and kindness. If you constantly hang up on it the problems, then it can bother it. And you risk to lose the good friend.

Childhood friend. you got acquainted with it at school and were on friendly terms many years, you had common interests and hobbies. If you did not see it, then from first minute of a meeting at you such impression long ago that you also did not leave. To you is what to remember and what to talk about. You value such friendship, it is a big rarity when two soulmates found each other. Distances for you - not a barrier, it is possible to keep in touch, being far apart.

Senior friend. If among your friends people from the senior generation are, then you were fine lucky. Each conversation with such people it gives pleasure. You can learn from them the mass of useful information, get a valuable advice. For me such closest friend is my grandfather. With all the problems and reflections I address it. How many mistakes I avoided in life, thanks to his wisdom and support!

Friend of an opposite sex. Often consider that the man and the woman cannot be just friends. People always find some love background in such friendship. On myself I can tell that I have several friends - men. Often I can discuss with them what would never begin to do with one girlfriend. At men owing to their special thinking absolutely other, often more sound judgment on many things, than at women.

Tusovochnik. its way of life - participation in all pleasure actions in the mode non - stop. If you want to go to some party, then you call him. He with great pleasure will spend with you evening in the atmosphere, familiar and pleasant for it. But if you lose interest in actions such, then you will lose also this friend - the fellow traveler.

The whiner - the pessimist. It is the person at whom it is cloudy at heart all the year round. At meetings he can tell you about all the problems indefinitely. It found “vest“ where it is possible to cry and listen to words of sympathy and a consolation in your person. If you want to tell it of the problems, then it is deeply indifferent for it. Friendship with such person - business hard.

Gossip. With me on a course such guy by the name of Igorek studied. He wanted to be on friendly terms with all, was ready to help everyone when it was required. But a method for friendship it chose strange. Having learned some news about the person, he “bore it in a beak“ and told that speak about it on a course. Thus, Igorek carried the latest news at all course. However we quickly got to the core of it: if Igorek approached our company, then all talk instantly stopped. He received the nickname “post pigeon“.

The friend - the parasite. He very much likes to visit you, knowing that you hungry do not leave guests. At a table it is kind, extols your culinary abilities. But for some reason he never invites you to descend in cafe, for example. It you too never had houses because “the constrained circumstances“. Such friend will be on friendly terms with you until it is possible to receive something “for free“. As soon as it ends, “friend“ will evaporate suddenly!

Unsuccessful lover. the Guy cannot find the half in any way. While he searching, he calls you, suggests to spend time together: to take a walk, descend on a concert or on an exhibition in the museum. It is interesting to you to communicate with it, and you do not refuse such joint campaigns. But here your Casanova found the next girl, they konfetno have a buketny period, and it disappeared from your horizon. When everything once again collapsed on the love front, it rose again as a phoenix from ashes. You replace to it darling for a while until he meets the next love …

Cannot be told in short article about all types of friends. Look around and look what friends you have. Perhaps, not all are worthy to be your true friends?