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Whether it is worth going to army?

Not far off the next draft campaign, and youth, probably, already begin to fuss about it. Yes, those times when young guys considered shameful and shameful not to serve in ranks of VS sank into oblivion. Now all in a different way.

The world changes - people change. Patriotism any more not in fashion. And whether it in general has relation to service?

Why suddenly such fear of army appeared? I think because mass media strongly inflated a subject about its problems. Of course, vital issues. But thus learned the mass of people about them! And, as they say, went - went. And same “hazing“, I am sure, was also in Soviet period, both in pre-Soviet, and in ancient times. Just did not expatiate on it.

I am not going to condemn someone or to compare armed forces of the USSR and the Russian Federation. I just would like to look for the answer to a question: whether it is worth going to army? For what it is necessary, it, probably, is clear to all (officially - the state version - to protect the Homeland). And from the human point of view … Whether it is necessary simple 18 - to the summer guy, he “ran into debt to the country“?

Of course, it is a question rhetorical, it can have a set of answers - and any concrete. I happened to serve (my “debt“ was 2 years) therefore I will try to answer, and as much as possible objectively.

It is considered that the woman has to give rise, and the man - to serve in army. After the child`s birth the girl becomes the real woman, and the young man after service - the real man. For a long time and until now in some tribes “man“ is a soldier. In the modern world it, perhaps, not absolutely actually, the concepts “man“ and “woman“ have absolutely other contents.

The person is afraid of uncertainty, difficulties and tests (in true sense of this word, but not simply “a jump through a fence“). And the army is just they and is. Therefore there is also a wish to avoid. Especially when it is not considered shameful any more.

The army is called sometimes “school of life“ (something familiar, isn`t that so?) but meaning that life proves to be as if from the seamy, not best side here. The youth which got used to house comfortable conditions, to a freedom of action to various conveniences and entertainments, naturally, is not eager to rush, full of enthusiasm, in an array of problems. Especially, rather strongly the stereotype - “in army badly“ already got used to the heads.

However the army is as a lottery. It is possible to get to “an imperial mansion“, and it is possible also in “Augean stables“. As a rule, the average option comes across. And, as a rule, the average option nevertheless is closer to “stables“, than to “mansion“. Very often in military units of a condition not the best: it concerns food, clothes, life, etc. And instead of the automatic machine quite often hand a shovel. The special social relations, the mode, hierarchy, pressure from old-timers and officers... It is also those difficulties to which it is very difficult to get used at once. To sustain, it is necessary to be ready to extreme conditions, to moral and physical pressure.

It is difficult to the person spoiled, who got used to muffle up in mother`s skirts to get used to it. Physically weak it is difficult to catch up. Closed, constraining it is difficult to find a common language. For them these “lessons of life“ in most cases will seem especially hardly transferable.

What the service in army gives? Speak: adds courage, will, independence, force (both spiritual, and physical), a maturity … Whether so it, controversial issue. Parents and, perhaps, girls who wait hope for it. Actually as a result everything can be not so iridescent. If conditions and a situation in part do not shine with pleasure and a positive, it is reflected also in the person. Quite often there is at soldiers also mass pneumonia (about what force can there be a speech!) . Besides, under continuous influence of various negative factors of people begins to show unexpectedly the deeply hidden internal essence which can be, to put it mildly, filth. Whether it when the person begins to behave is good, let and not at home, very obscenely?

I agree that the army is Life. But, as we know, schools different happen. To test itself, to learn other aspects of life, to pass an obstacle course … Perhaps, it is useful in the future. When it is bad, to remember: “And then it was even worse …“ - and from it to smile, raise the head above and to go further.