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How the pacifistic song began to serve the British army? History of a hit “In The Army Now“

Somehow so it developed that in fate - music that at us that at them, the good form is considered to write about army something accusatory - like “The unknown soldier“ D. Morrison or “March - march left“ V. Butusova. At the same time usually it becomes clear that the overwhelming part of exposers did not do military service and disliked it, so to speak, in absentia.

As it seems to me, the similar tendency was issued in 1960 - x years under the influence of unpopular and unsuccessful aggression in Vietnam. Sending troops there, the U.S. Government was guided by so-called “Domino Theory“ according to which one event can provoke some other like the bones of dominoes pushing the friend to the friend. Here “the democracy citadel“ was also afraid that the flame of communistic revolutions in China and Korea will be thrown on all by Hugo - East Asia. And further you know - “The smell of napalm is a smell of a victory“, etc.

But even after failure in Vietnam the USA carried on tradition of military intervention in affairs of others countries. And fate - musicians and other creators carried on the tradition: “Love. Florets. No to war“.

There was no album of the BOLLAND & BOLLAND duet with the name “The Domino Theory“ familiar to us (“The theory of dominoes“) exception and.
Brothers Rob and Fredi Bollandy were born in the Republic of South Africa and represented so-called “drills“ - descendants of the Dutch immigrants. It is no wonder that later time the couple moved to the Netherlands and in 1971 began there the musical activity which included among other and producing of such performers as Falko, Syuzi Kvatro and Samantha Fox.

The beginning of 1980 - x was marked by domination of eclectic style “new wave“. In this style with a big share of electronics in 1981 “The Domino Theory“ was also written down. As well as it is necessary, the album was anti-war and besides conceptual. Condemnation of military expansion was conducted as if on behalf of the ordinary infantryman.
how the guy gets to real army everyday life and cruelly suffers from it, and there is a speech in the song “You`re In The Army Now“ opening an album. On the song right there shot the dramatized video in green tones where Bollanda sang in an environment of machine guns, camouflage grids and the running soldiers.
an album did not cause Any special stir though the song and occupied 9 - e the place in the homeland of brothers - the Republic of South Africa where just then there was a general compulsory military service.

So there was also this song in musical granaries if several years later it the vocalist of STATUS QUO group - Francis Rossi did not hear on the German autobahn.
Should tell that the name of this British group was prophetical - it was distinguished by enviable constancy, as in stylistics (traditional fate - N - a beater and Bug - vug), and in success. Write that STATUS QUO is a champion on number of the singles which got to the English hit - parade (whole 69!) and by quantity of similar albums concede unless to ROLLING STONES.

But once balance and stability were broken. It happened to write down it the song overheard in Germany then when Rossi convinced the colleagues. The name of a song was reduced to “In The Army Now“, played it slightly more rigidly and sung slightly more courageously, but in general arrangement practically did not differ from the original. There was both a drum thrashing, and a heart-rending cry “Stand up and fight!“ (say that on the record STATUS QUO it was proorat by the vocalist of SLADE group - Noddi Holder).

In 1986 “In The Army Now“ left both on a single, and on the album of the same name. Here - that creation Bollandov was also appreciated. The song became No. 2 in Britain, and a single - the most commercially successful single of group. As a result, in general, the composition, atypical for STATUS QUO, turned evenly successful collective into “group of one song“.

On so successful cover other covers began to become right there. In 1994 the Slovenian group LAIBACH made so gloomy, electronic and specific version “In The Army Now“ that you learn the song far not at once. Considering what was created in Yugoslavia of those years, the gloom of composition and an ominous badge of NATO in the clip more than are clear.

On the other hand on “In The Army Now“ wrote also ridiculous parodies. For example, abusive version “Now You in Army“ of the leader of the ORGY of RIGHTEOUS PERSONS group Sergey Kalugin, or “Unlucky day“ of “mocker“ Sergey Minayev.

In the dank morning in gray year
Ya I go
Among hundreds of sleepy people to work... What
unlucky day.
A there in light spacious bureau
Sit prishchuryas cunning
Creators of stale ideas... What
unlucky day...

Well and if to accelerate a melody of a song, then in it it is possible to recognize cheerful “the Country to Limony“ DUNES groups.

There was time. NATO countries amicably pobombit Yugoslavia, then - Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya... Pacifistic moods ceased, and in 2010 STATUS QUO write down the new version of the main hit. As the song registered for charity foundations of support of soldiers, and the video was shot in barracks of the British shooting regiment, everything, the convicting army, motives from a song were dirtied and replaced by inspiring.

Now you in
army (the translation - S. Kury;
in square brackets - the lines changed in the version of 2010)

Are paid with

vacation in others country, [You on the way to others country]
Uncle Sam made for you everything that he could, [Came it is time to make that you can]
you in army, Ou`s
Now - oh, you in army now.

You remember that spoke to you in a military registration and enlistment office:
“You will idle, not to get out of a bed“?
Now you in army, Ou`s
- oh, now you in army.

You became the hero of the district,
Nobody knows that you left forever, by [And you will consider days to the return]
in army, Ou`s
Now - oh, you in army now.

Smiling faces while you go,
But only you will arrive to the place, all will could not care less of you, [Men and women stand shoulder to shoulder]
you in army, Ou`s
Now - oh, you in army now.

The manual grenade flies by over the head,
the Rocket flies by over the head,
If you want to survive, be roused,
Now you in army, Ou`s
- oh, now you in army.

Shots break off night,
the Sergeant shouts: “Rise! In fight!“
Now you in army, Ou`s
- oh, now you in army.

You the order on defeat is allowed to shoot. [You were given the order it is correct to make everything]
your finger on a cock,
But you feel: it is wrong, [
Now you are time to engage]
in army, Ou`s
- oh, you in army now.

Darkens and not to sort any more -
is an illusion or reality,
you in army, Ou`s
Now - oh, you in army now.
F. Rossi about it told

“We got acquainted with the guy who had no hands and legs. It shook me to the bottom of the heart and set thinking of what we can help such people.

This soldier and his friends by misfortune try to treat what happened to them philosophically. But, My God, what efforts, has to be, it is worth treating life on - philosophically when you have neither hands, nor legs? We will make everything that in our forces to help and support these children.
... This release is intended for support of allied forces around the world, but especially, of course, Armed forces of Great Britain. We want that people noticed that they made and told thanks, and also gave support to the vital charitable organizations“.
the Tendency of similar metamorphoses is very indicative

And Russia and even less so is time to remember Alexander III`s words: “The Russian state has only two friends - army and fleet“.

With the Holiday you, defenders of the Fatherland!