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Observation of


and - the beginning new nothing an inconspicuous aphorism, conclusion
in - important
d - banal, for children
z - informative
and - interesting
to - winged
of l - best
of N - not important
p - instructive
with - difficult for understanding
yu - humour

Observation the observant person the child the pupil effect advantage helps value definition the advantage is necessary is necessary is important to observe to develop promotes to be observant to show allows to bring up to impart to achieve observation to reach the Observant person is capable to strengthen

z Observation - attentiveness, concentration concentration …
to - to concentrate on what that one thoughts, sight, hearing …
kp Observation help to wellbeing.
of PTDC Should be not looked - and to look narrowly.
kz Observation - ability to notice.
z Observation - can be strengthened the purpose.
zp Observation clings to interest.
z is easier to be observant - doing favorite thing.
to Observation - is important in knowledge acquisition.
and Observation - the sister of wisdom.
pz is difficult to develop observation - if occurs around nothing.
z Observation develop impressions.
to Observation - a way to understanding.
and Observation - helps to understand the events better.
Are also observation artists because all of them, beholding, try to present how they would transfer what was seen to a canvas.
z Observation develops leaving from complete vision to detalizatsionny and a slow poocherednost
zp Observation develops a vsmatrivayemost.
and observation is Helped by a privacy.
pz For preservation of observation is important to eliminate all possible that distracts.
z the Observant person is quiet and balanced.
to Observation - wards off disaster.
to Observation - is thoughtful.
to Observation - collecting of consciousness.
zd Observation causes tension.
z the Girlfriend of observation - fixedness.
zp the Observant person - is purposeful.
p Enemies of observation - vanity and haste.
p Observations are promoted by serious and significant occupations.
z supplement Observation and gravity, bring up, promote and lean at each other.
zd the Observant person seems serious.
and Observation is in many respects obliged to mistakes.
and Emotions of observation hindrance.
and Observation - the girlfriend of thought.
p Observation - to business help.
and Observation - idlenesses not the girlfriend.
and Observation, are disturbed by suddenness.
zd Observation - a merit.
z Observation is more often from ability to operate itself - than desires.
z Observation, as a rule, from quickness and smartness - than discipline.
zd the Observant person - controls a situation.
z Observations is promoted by clarity of mind.
zp to Begin to develop observation follows from small.
p Observations is promoted by self-discipline.
z Observations is promoted by clarity of the purposes.
to Observation is inherent in strong people.
p Observations is promoted by control of time. zd Observations promotes
- the high
level of requirements.
p Observations is promoted by activity.
and Observation can be from consciousness.
pv Observation - help to an order and coherence.
pv Observation - causes respect of people, and improves the relations with them.
pz Observation promotes development and perfection.
and Than is more important activity - that observation more necessary.
zp Observation can cultivate self-control, patience and restraint through
z to Idea of one in power to make the person observant.
and Observation - is practical.
to Observation - in many respects a habit.
p Observation - amplifies self-checking.
p Observation is put in the childhood.
zp Observation depends on ability to distract from all stranger.
z Observation - demands tension.
z so distracts Nothing from observation as panic, turmoil and other, emergency and unusual situations.
z an observation Hindrance - pain.
zp Excessive observation causes concern and can do much harm.
and Observation - lifts the person on higher position in society.
and Observation - grazes good luck.
d Observations is helped by silence.
d observation is Hindered by wind.
p - to business not to do Without observation.
pz is important For observation continuous assessment of the situation.
pz Degree of observation changes - very important to do the most important and dangerous issues, staying in the best form.
zpd Observations hindrance excitement.
zd the Observant person - controls a situation.
z Observation is afraid of concern.
z Observation is wise.
and Observation of the person, as a rule, more is defined concerning his activity.
z both leads Observation to exhaustion, and is lost in it.
z Observation of ingenuity girlfriend.
and Observation is dissolved in time.
z to Observation is disturbed by a vagueness of the purposes.
p to Observation is disturbed by levity.
yu is easier to cultivate observation at others.
yu Nothing so harmful influences observation - as spring.

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