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Interview with the creator of the first rock group of Armenia of

the Name of Artur Mitinyan is widely known in circles of admirers fate - music. This is the person who sang in the opera, composed music for performances, he played Beethoven and Bach, and on an equal basis with all this one of the most talented fate - musicians.
its contribution to development fate - music is invaluable.

- Hello, Artur Hachaturovich how the founder of the first Armenian fate - groups, what your opinion about Armenian fate - music in general and how you estimate domestic fate today?

Good afternoon!
U us rich fate - culture, already in 60 - e was years a set of interesting groups, talented musicians, one of the first in the Soviet Union fate - festivals were carried out.
Unfortunately, for a number of the known reasons, since those times almost did not remain either audio, or video of materials therefore it is at the moment extremely difficult to judge the one who possesses monasteries of pioneers of the Armenian fate.
In my understanding - Armenian fate - group, - the group having own repertoire which is closely connected with the Armenian culture and canons of world fate.
Such group was Asparez and them (no offense to other groups) I consider as the first Armenian fate - group. They gathered in 1982 and at the time of our acquaintance looked already developed collective.
Work with Asparez began fall of 1983 and lasted till spring of 1986
During this time the first samples of compositions which basis was formed by medieval culture of Armenia were created.
arose Then forerunners of style which later in 1989 the western editions will christen kakoriental.
B gathered same 1986 new collective which in 1987 became known as AYAS.
the Armenian rockers had rich potential and it always, unfortunately, for the majority an ideal are the famous western masters fate - music, it, of course, is quite good, but it is worth to remember about the roots, that, acting where that would not be, you are the representative of culture of the country that in your creativity always sliped a unification thread with the people.
Now in a percentage ratio predominates an Americanism, but I do not think that the future of
behind it Early - late everything will come back to the circles.

- It would be interesting to learn what for you is a vdokhnovleniye source?


- In one of your interviews, you told that the album which you write down, is written on behalf of Zoroastra (Zarathustra). You could not remove the brackets and tell on in more detail what the album is and why your choice stopped on Zarathustra?

The album “Gausch Urvan“ (Spirit of the Bull), is written on behalf of Zoroastr, the early prophet,
mission of which was a debt to inform people of the first God`s Word, through Light and Fire in due time.
formed the basis of texts of composition my judgment of ancient Aryan beliefs, first of all Avesta.
Armenians along with Iran and India are one of branches of Indo-Aryan culture,
in due time the Zoroastrianism played an enormous role in development of the Armenian people. my interest in Zoroastr (Zarathustra) is also explained by This

- There is a little history what became the reason of the birth of Ayas group in 1986, its disintegration in 1995 - ohm and what was an incitement to its regeneration in 2007?

Asparez began to be drawn towards simpler music, otherwise, in recent years musicians decided to depart from the wound works of the early period to heavymetal style more clear to masses.
was necessary to me group for development of those principles which were begun during work with Asparez.
Such group became AYAS.
A broke up collective for the simple reason - on April 20, 1995 I went to Moscow, my absence lasted 12 years.
Never put to itself an end as fate - the musician, in the years spent in Moscow played with the Moscow groups INRI and Sermon (with them cd of “From Death To Death“ in Canada which became the best Russian heavy album of 1998 is released in 1997)
Despite everything, waited for the moment of reunion of AYAS on the Armenian earth.
B returned 2007 to Yerevan, performance, the first for 14 years, on fate - the MetalFest festival with Vaedemna composition took place on April 18, 2008.
From this point began revival of AYAS.

- Why the group is called “Ayas“ and what it means?

So the first Armenian ship and the city in Cilicia which in the Middle Ages became a citadel of the Armenian ship art was called.

- What you found for yourself in “Ayas“ as the musician and the composer?

As it was mentioned from above, with this group many experiments were made, oriental style which basis was formed by rich frets of the people of the East, first of all, the Armenian frets - tetrachords was perfected further, especially it was shown in the late period of group.

- We certainly understand that each work for the creator is unique, but nevertheless to what of your works you would advise to listen and why?

All works are expensive to me, but, probably, - the compositions of the same name from albums Yerkink u Yerkir (The sky and Earth) and Gausch Urvan (Spirit of the Bull).

- Tell on what project you work now?

Projects at present three - rewriting of an album of 1987 of Yerkink u Yerkir (The sky and Earth), an album of 1994 Gausch Urvan (Spirit of the Bull) and data of the Concert of AYAS with a symphonic orchestra of Armfilarmoniya on October 30, 2011.
Is also absolutely new album, but he is waiting in the wings.

- Why “Ayas“ never acted in Karabakh?

To us offers repeatedly arrived, but employment affected,
is thought to organize big fate - a festival in Tigranakert, but it is a matter of time.
Perhaps, this year we will carry out the plan.

- Whether you agree to work with beginning fate - musicians and that you advised them?

I will support all serious undertakings, and I will never advise to forget that Armenia the country extremely rich in every respect!!!

- What obstacles young talents can face in attempt to realize themselves in a creative field?

That depends that how serious objects will be set for themselves and respectively forces will be necessary to achieve the objectives.