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Women, who for you the man?

I Believe that the women reading this article treat close men with love and respect, believe in them. And the men inspired by such attitude towards themselves, make for the sake of them feats, perhaps, even all 365 days in a year.

On February 23 on the Defender of the Fatherland Day, Day of real men , a strong half of mankind acquires legitimate right to receive congratulations, gratitude and various gifts from women.

And what occurs in other 364 days? For whom women sometimes take men?

Here several real examples from life:

the lady of 22 years Complains that her gentleman the goat, lives incorrectly therefore she should teach it to live, and in general he has to marry it. it I ask
Ya how she can learn to live the 30th summer man? And why to it in husbands a goat? And if she marries a goat, then whom it will become?

To men of any age and the status it is possible to hear such nicknames from women as small, the dad, a diminutive of the person, a suitcase without handle, this, my, our etc.

the Mother-in-law speaks about the son-in-law: “Our Vovchik absolutely faceless, as amoeba. You will tell - does, you will not tell - and will sit at the TV., It seems, goes to work, works, and the salary to it is not paid. ….“
- And how many years to your Vovchik?
- 52!
- Well and what you want? You keep it in this situation. And business all that on life it you have Vovchik the boy. But not Vladimir - the man owning the world and the responsible head of the family. with

What such image of the man is fraught it is well shown in a parable “About naming“ from the book M. Urikh.

“Something lies on a dump and does not realize itself, it cannot call itself. There is a person, Something stumbles about it and speaks: “There is fig.....

Something then became the devil because it received the name. And time of lines, and functions corresponding: plaid on someone a dirty trick, to someone broke glasses, someone stumbled... But, eventually, such activity bothered both to it, and he sees that people live in a different way, and passion as there was a wish to be the person. But how to be a person? - It is necessary that someone called.

And here sees lines such situation: Sportloto`s circulation, in front of the TV sits the man and dreams: “Would give soul to a devil if only to learn all six figures“. He is before this person, and speaks:

- Your soul is not necessary to me, and I will tell six figures.

- What you want for it?

- Call me “person“.

- And only? - the person is surprised.

- And only!.

- No. at first I will win, then I will call you.

- All right, agreed. - rejoices lines. The man filled a card, won the maximum prize. The devil is, and won looks at him contemptuously and speaks:

- You the person want to be? Well, well, be a person.

Also became lines, being before Something, the person. In order that there were no accidents, “Chelovekov“ took a surname, got a job. “Chelovekov there“, “Chelovekov here“. He is a companion executive, - everything does, to them will not rejoice.

The party on New Year`s Eve, with the girl Lyusey dances. People speak: “Look, the groom and the bride!“ Began to call the groom and the bride. Meet as the groom and the bride. Come home, relatives see that business drags on, speak: “Well, it is already time to become the husband and the wife“. Told, called - became the husband and the wife. All is good. Lyusya will not rejoice. “Chelovekov, on kitchen“. “Chelovekov, in shop“. Does not know a name, Chelovekov - as if a surname. Once, in a tenderness rush at night, she called it some “oblapushechok“, that also turned into something slippery, corresponding to the name. Lyusya was frightened, shouted: “Chelovekov where you?“ It again also appeared. She speaks: “Well you also frightened me!“ That there were no such accidents, he began to close ears. One night Lyusya bothers it, he sees that she shouts, but does not hear anything, then it takes out from plug ears. “... Cloth ears!“ It: “frr - r - r“, - and in an open window leaf“.

It is necessary to be attentive how you call the person. His new name will directly influence his behavior and feeling. There will pass certain time and if the person accepts for himself the status imposed to it, then can correspond to it completely.

Be careful when you call people! If to speak about them: “For what to wait from these idiots? “, one idiots will also come across to you in life. It is necessary to be especially careful with the relatives (children, the husband, parents).

All our of valorous, strong, generous men give women heartily we will congratulate congratulations!
Let near them always there are women who see in them real men!