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How to leave off smoking - quickly and for ever?

How to leave off smoking - quickly and for ever?

If you smoke

and suddenly decided to leave off smoking, to it there is a reason. And if you smoke long ago and threw not once, then most likely this attempt will also end unsuccessfully. And if you solved finally, then it is necessary to approach this attempt to prepared. First of all for himself it is necessary to understand that smoking is a direct road to lung cancer and other dreadful diseases. The fear is always a driving force, so let it will become your assistant in this case!
Exists two ways to leave off smoking: sharp termination and gradual disaccustoming. Big will power is necessary for the first way, for the second special medicines will be necessary for disaccustoming. Let`s dwell upon each of ways to leave off smoking.

One fine day it is ONCE AND FOR ALL LEFT OFF SMOKING. There now, so you appointed by
date and decided to stop to smoke completely this day. It is for this purpose recommended to change habitual tenor of life successfully to overcome thirst for nicotine. For example, it is possible to take vacation and to go for the dacha without money, with a stock of products for several days. It is necessary to distract in every possible way and to work actively that there was neither time, nor forces for thoughts of a cigarette. Put with an indelible marker in a visible place date when you left off smoking and celebrate the days lived without cigarettes. Every day without tobacco is your small victory.
Ya tried to throw sharply. Just spoke to herself: “I do not smoke any more“ and threw out all cigarettes which I had. So I could go on a month or even on two. Naturally it was not life, but real torture. Each smoker on the run of people who passed by me literally “clung“ me a loop of a tobacco smoke and nearly “pulled along“. To be on holidays with feasts when all left to smoke or lit directly at a table was separate “pleasure“. Clear business that at such life return to tobacco was only a matter of time.
But if you hold on at least 20 days - is brought out of an organism the most part of nicotine, there is already a wish to smoke less and it is possible to come back gradually to habitual way.

we Leave off smoking gradually SLOWLY BUT SURELY.

To leave off smoking without sharp movements, it is necessary to apply special technology of reduction of consumption of nicotine. For a start we reduce quantity of the smoked cigarettes in day. It needs to be done surely gradually, but not so that smoked a pack in day, and the next day - a pack floor. So it is impossible to do at all! It is desirable to reduce 1 - 2 cigarette a day not to torment the organism. Also remember - everything becomes gradually! Further it is possible to try one of fashionable preparations, but will still remain the main factor fear of the diseases caused by smoking of tobacco and existence of your will power. You remember: death from cancer - one of the most painful. And medical researches accurately showed that smoking - one of the main reasons of cancer diseases.
Ya I rejoice that threw and I feel sorry for people who continue to smoke. I am not sorry about cigarettes at all, absolutely quietly I look at batteries of beautiful cigarette packs in shops. Yes leave off smoking