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Immunity. How to tell simply about the main thing?

Immunity (from armor. immunitas - inviolability) is the ingenious system which is thought up by the nature to maintain constancy of our internal environment at the molecular level and to carry out communication between our organism and external environment.

I very much want that you learned to understand and realize what is immunity as it works what it consists of and, the most important - as we can influence its strengthening and restoration. And learned at user level , not by means of unclear medical terms, and at the level of simple car owners who, without being professional mechanics, nevertheless, want to know well the device of the car that long and quietly to go by it. I consider conversation on immunity very important - not a secret that the lion`s share of problems with health of our children is connected with a condition of their immune system, truly?

We as organisms, we consist of systems, systems, in turn, consist of bodies, bodies - of fabrics, and fabric - of cages. And the cage is our very best important brick in creation of the base of our health.

Immunity is too system which basis are also cages - immune cages, with work and which features we now also will get acquainted. And until you do not believe that in our organism each section live , with the special reason and the accurate action program, in your consciousness and in yours health will exchange nothing.

To understand how there lives the world in us (microcosm), let`s remember the Oscar-winning movie of Richard Flaysher “Fantastic travel“ on which the special submarine with crew from doctors - scientists decreases to the sizes of a molecule and by the syringe it is injected into a vein of fatally sick person in order that to rescue it. Let`s present ourselves members of this crew and we will look at our immunity from within...

Having floated on a blood-groove, we will find out that immunity is the whole army consisting of aggressive cages: clones, commanders, killers, intelligence agents, devourers and brave Samurais - the kamikaze ready at the cost of the life to destroy the enemy. A task of this army - to maintain constancy of our internal environment and to destroy alien aggressors, and also own sick cages.

I will make small retreat to tell that even the protective system in the form of protein H - NS interfering penetration into a bacterium of alien DNA was found in a pathogenic salmonella. If life of a stick of 0,4 in size - 0,7 on 1,0 - 3,0 microns is full of such immune difficulties, what to speak about our metaphyte!

To see the producer and the activator T - lymphocytes - the main elite division of immune system, to us, on our submarine, it is necessary to make the way to the heart. There is in the center of a thorax timus - a thymus. It also leaves elite troops of quick response - white T - cages.

Troops, low on a rank (all types of leukocytes, In - cages), are prepared in fight by marrow, lymph nodes and a spleen. Our liver develops macrophages - it is the monsters devouring bacteria, the died cages and others particles, alien, toxic for an organism.

Leukocytes, macrophages and In - cages is the main army, heavy artillery of our immunity. To track their activity, we should rush the whole day behind them on all organism. They constantly ply on a blood-groove, from time to time leave through walls of vessels in fabric and probe everyone and everything regarding allogeneity. These children have “a scent as at a dog, and eyes as at an eagle“.

Elite divisions of T - lymphocytes carry out a role of intelligence agents. They the first find the enemy and report about them to the main troops which bring down “heavy artillery“ on uninvited guests. By the way, if intelligence agents are exhausted, weakened by antibiotics, inoculations or other “chemical attack“, they can give the main army the distorted information and cause it inadequate blow of immune system. It is called allergic reaction or an autoimmune disease.

Brave Samurais of immune system - so-called immuno - competent cages - neutrophils. They find the enemy (anti-gene), take him prisoner and perish together with it, turning into cells of pus.

Their colleagues - eosinophils - specialize in helminths. They “shoot“ special proteins which are built in a bilipidny layer of cells of helminth, in cages a time is formed, water directs there, and the parasite perishes from osmotic shock.

And when our immune army is fed, given to drink, dressed and put, it immediately finishes with any aggressor.

How the immune system is formed? From the conception the immune system of mother begins to form memory of molecular last (experience) of its organism at the child. The matter is that immunity is an ingenious photographer who begins to photograph at once and does much - many pictures to create the “correct“ portrait of system and that further the system of protection could be verified with photos, revealing violators of system. That is those who do not approach under the photographic description of decent citizens and are included in the catalog under the name “they are searched by militia“.

Immune cages continuously “ransack“ on the possession up and down, constantly analyzing molecular integrity of an organism from within and verifying everything that will meet, with the created portrait. If suddenly they find out that some cages became more (a tumor or infection from the outside), they destroy them.

When it is difficult for our immunity to work?

1. When the person does not drink enough water. Water is the chief supplier of hydrogen, and hydrogen is the main fuel for our cages, a power source for them.

2. When immune cages hungry i.e. when we do not care for cellular food.

3. When immunity is poisoned and frightened. We can poison him with preservatives, E - additives, pharmaceutical preparations, antibiotics, and to frighten - inoculations (vaccination).

4. When blood of a zagushchen from - for insufficient an amount of water is also acidified as a result of improper feeding. Then immune cages - to soldiers should force the way through porridge of the “stuck together“ erythrocytes and it is very difficult to reach the opponent. And if they besides also hungry, then handles - legs at them thin, weak, swords - sabers short and they are helpless. There is such sad picture.

I hope, you understood already a little what is necessary and that does not need to be done in order that valorous army which name immunity, always guarded our health.