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What communication levels happen?

of the Problem of communication and psychology of communication began to concern strongly experts recently. Communication allows the person to take pleasure, to overcome such negative sides in our life as boredom, routine, bad mood.

But happens and so that communication does not bring positive result, in that case it is necessary to pay attention to himself and how you communicate in this or that situation.

Psychologists allocate such levels of communication as primitive, manipulative, business, game, spiritual and the level of masks. All these levels assume that interlocutors will use different psychological receptions, other words and phrases to reach the maximum development of the personality. Let`s consider different levels of communication to understand how they differ from each other.

Primitive level of communication. In this case the person cannot or does not want to adjust himself on contact, does not concern him how his interlocutor will perceive it, both how pleasantly and correctly he talks. Primitive level of communication can be observed during conversation with drunk or with the impolite, rough person. The main feature of such type of communication is the poor lexicon and very fluent speech. It has to confuse the interlocutor, bring him out of composure. At the same time the person who faced the primitive level of communication has to try to calm the interlocutor, talking to it is quiet, exactly, sometimes a little rigidly or firmly. Such position will help to avoid the conflict and will smooth acute angles of communication.

Manipulative level. In that case the interlocutor is only the tool for achievement of any purposes. Such level of communication can often be met among managers, diplomats, and also against household life (for example when the wife tries to remind the husband of something or pushes to purchase of goods necessary for it). Besides, in this level of communication it is possible to consider also such cruel measures as flattery or intimidation.

Business level. needs to pay surely attention to character, age and private judgments of your interlocutor Here. The purpose or means of its achievement which unite you and cause relationship between you therefore it is impossible to call such communication manipulative. Business level of communication is necessary for those people who, owing to the profession, have to be constantly at a certain distance. Besides, the business level of communication bears in itself not only efficiency, but also gravity in relation to the interlocutor therefore such level can be applied not only to the partners, but also in private, family life.

Game level of communication. In this case communication takes place in a little game, informal, frivolous form. Such communication most often happens between friends or friends. One more striking example of game level of communication is flirtation between the man and the woman when between them there takes place so-called game. Level of game is connected with sense of humour and an opportunity to informally conduct conversation.

Spiritual level. At such communication of people in the greatest way opens for the interlocutor the personality, the soul. During communication at the spiritual level there is a full opening of real that demands special internal efforts. Such level of communication can be seen in conversation with relatives, relatives, the priest. The main distinctive feature of spiritual level of communication is not haste in the speech that shows your special arrangement to the interlocutor.

Level of masks. Each person has one or several “masks“ which it uses in different situations. Often such level can be observed if it is unpleasant to person to communicate with the interlocutor, but he tries not to tread on his corns or to be more polite. Also we can put on a mask of sincere pleasure, having received an uninteresting or unnecessary gift. If the person constantly communicates at the level of masks, it becomes more difficult for it to open himself real.

Of course, despite the fact that what level of communication was chosen, the person has to possess a sufficient vocabulary to manage to express the emotions, feelings and ideas. Very important not only to have an extensive lexicon, but also to get rid of filler words with which our modern speech so abounds.

Remember that the correct communication is a way to success not only in business life, but also to lives emotional therefore it is necessary to make a maximum of efforts that the speech was clear and simple and also to be able correctly to select communication levels in different life situations.