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Old things: how to start dismantling?

Unnecessary belongings are in each house: on mezzanines, loggias, balconies, attics, in storerooms, garages … It is a pity to throw out, it is sad to inspect, and it is necessary to bring order. Blockages - that grow. How to move itself on action in Heracles`s style?

In - the first not to try to clean all “stables“ at one go. It is better to walk on “stalls“ step by step: today a balcony, and tomorrow a case in a hall. Or so: now clothes, footwear, and then - books or videotapes.

In - , proceeding from biorhythms to choose the second for this dusty epic the active hours: to larks - since morning, and to owls - at this time of night.

In - the third to get rid of stuff frank at once: boxes, packings, empty bottles, deposits of glossy magazines and booklets. And also spoiled products and canned food with overdue dates of storage. At the same time the things forgotten or mislaid can be found that too incentive for cleaning of shelves.

In - the fourth to indulge itself periodically pauses for coffee with a cake, tea with a candy etc. Minutes of small everyday pleasures big plans sometimes are born. Or at least creative ideas concerning the accumulated junk.

In - the fifth to present how many useful areas will be released as a result of your efforts. What cosiness and purity will be there. This drizzle, undoubtedly, warms soul. But even more it will heat, and it is in - the sixth , feeling of a victory over darling laziness. The deserved respect for. And unexpected finding of confidence that you will be able to bring order not only to garage, on an attic or a balcony now. But anywhere and when necessary. The first step is taken.

Well, it seems dealt with your future. Where to put heritage of the past?

Old things are a time quite trembling subject. What to consider as garbage and that a relic? Even the poorest house is more valuable than the most magnificent hotel the fact that in it there lives the soul of Family. Where an old uncombed doll - a symbol of the future and sense of life. And too to send it to a garbage can? And how the good family tradition from generation to transfer toys, tools, books to generation?

Therefore we will postpone at once that to heart it is expensive: first children`s drawings, mother`s embroidery, hours of the late father … All these “painful souvenirs“ as K. Simonov called them, have to have worthy places of storage. And the rest - to the discretion of a family. There are six options, reasonably supplementing each other. The main thing - not to be lazy, not to postpone for a long time, and to finish begun. That is to attach the belongings which became unnecessary to new addresses.

The first . The part of things can just be “preserved“, especially if in a family hope for addition. To wash - to clean - to repair, pack into bags from cellophane. But not to stuff then them on dressers, and, having laid in one big trunk, to put so on an attic or in a penthouse, on mezzanines or in garage that about it nobody stumbled.

The second . Books if it is not reference books, dictionaries, expensive gift volumes, rare or other editions which it grieves you to lose, it is possible to present to library. Began to practice tables of an exchange in many of them now. You give the and you take away others. As a rule, is what to esteem.

The third . Clothes, footwear, headdresses, bags - it is natural, in a decent look - with gratitude will take the departments of a social security urged to help needy and large families. Addresses of these services will be prompted in local administration. It is possible that similar donations will accept also in the nearby temple, the monastery, but in this case it is better to consult in advance.

The fourth . Something from old, however not shabby property can be offered acquaintances and colleagues for a symbolical payment. Or in an exchange. For certain too will come the way of you useful and necessary things.

The fifth . But if with own good all is it is a pity to leave for nothing, it is possible to try it to attach also on the Internet. To enter the necessary inquiry into search engine, and the choice will blow the mind: sell - give - change everything, from antiques to a romper suit. From the choice flickers before eyes, but distances can destroy the transaction.

Then there is sixth a way - the announcement in the local press. Especially if it is about something bulky. Calls you will be tortured fairly, but “stables“ will clean at the moment. This speed will give rise to doubt in soul: whether not early said goodbye to acquired? But look who will arrive for your veteran - the refrigerator or an old-fashioned grandmother`s wardrobe. For certain it will be generally the people who are not especially spoiled by prosperity: old men are pensioners or fathers - mothers of families having many children.

Do not regret for the broad gestures. Since ancient times bequeathed: it is necessary to share. And it means - to carry out audits not only to the dwelling. But also in.