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And why “Skolkovo“ is necessary? Whether

A can in general the organization like “Skolkovo“ influence development of the Russian economy in its current form?

Here cumulative opinion of independent experts from our business firms: “The innovative economy is created in the countries with the high level of the competition where innovations become an urgent need for business as without them the enterprises are simply doomed to defeat in competitive fight ( an example - Japan ). Our guarantee of success the friendship with the governor or other high-ranking official, but not introduction of any technologies is, for example. Therefore the present Russian economy also does not create a market demand for innovations. And without it the Skolkovo project will not influence development of domestic economy in any way“.

Why then there is so much noise and the international resonance around this project why so persistently it is pushed, allocate so much money? And who, as a matter of fact, told you that “Skolkovo“ is focused only on the domestic Russian market? Personally it seems to me that it no more than public relations. In my opinion, that there is other, hidden idea (Americans who fuss “Skolkovo“ around, nothing just like that do). And this idea - to deliver innovations which will be received to Skolkovo, on the foreign market, like oil, gas, coal etc. At the same time it is planned to use cheap work of our scientific youth and, using world crisis, work of the western scientists (well, young people will hardly peck, and here middle age …). Our country already has such experience: the Soviet industrialization was carried out thanks to crisis in America and Western Europe.

Says about it how order taking for participation to “Skolkovo“ is organized. At first sight, the participant of the Skolkovo project to become very simple: it is necessary to submit the application by filling of an electronic form, month to wait for an expert assessment of the application, in case of a positive assessment - to receive money and give - work.

But not everything is so simple. Not for nothing the academician V. N. Parmon warns about it. In - the first, it is necessary to provide a set of references and reports. In - the second, and this the most interesting, - obligatory “participation of the foreign expert who has considerable authority on the investment and (or) research environment. Participation of the specified person and (or) his intention to participate in the project is confirmed by its written statement“.

It is possible to take this point for disbelief of the authorities in the fact that “ours“ without the import help are incapable to make something acceptable. But I consider in a different way. Actually execution of the project will be monitored by the official foreign spy, and about observance of intellectual property in favor of Russia the speech does not go at all. It must be assumed that at 300 companies which are already allowed to the project, such “representatives“ are already available, and all “in the authority“.

And in general. As the CEO of JSC Russian Venture Company declared (RVK - one of organizers “Skolkovo“): “In the scientific environment there is a misunderstanding of this project. And the first aim which he pursues is not about science, and how to earn from science and high technologies how to construct economy on the heads of people“. So that`s that. And in any way differently. And thanks to companion I. Agamirzyan - to the CEO of JSC RVK - for such accurate and intelligible explanation.

In our magazine there is a rule - at the end of article to give some positive wish to readers. My wish such: “People, do not give themselves to deceive! Do not walk smack in a zamanukha under the name “Skolkovo“! Research, useful to economy of Russia, in a support on own forces and participation of the Russian production! And let you are accompanied by good luck on this way!“.