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Who is healthy?

As it often happen, our household representations not always corresponds to the real situation. In the beginning about “household opinion“ - here has no need “to be crafty“ the author as “if hurts, then hurts and if is not present …“. By the way, nothing not, so as existence of pains allows to assume really sharp processes - those processes which, usually, and are perceived as a disease. All “the medical public“ lives according to the simple scheme: ached - gave a tablet. Partially it concerns also “the homeopathic public“, but only partially. Well, well, gave a tablet, this or that, ceased to be ill and what, you consider that at the same time you became it is made by healthy? Absolutely - hardly as heteropathic means - our favourite “analgina“ and other - generally block pain and, at least, have the short-term action capable to improve health - for that time until substance is removed them an organism. Even the Bayer firm - that developer of aspirin - assumes that within a day the preparation is completely brought out of an organism. By the way, strongly jokes. From blood - of course, it is removed, but at the level of cellular membranes, in intercellular space and a lymph it remains and will be transformed to toxins which, let it is weak, but it is sure, will poison us for the rest of the life. If, of course, not to bring them.

Eventually, and it is not so important, well there were toxins, well poison, but is not so strong - “the educated allopathist“ as the allopathist “uneducated“ is not burdened by knowledge of the fact of residual intoxication at all will tell you any. And what “to be burdened“ by this fact when reception of any heteropathic preparation hits“ on a liver. The Bayer firm, of course, reports that within a day the preparation has to be brought out of an organism. But to be engaged in it to whom? To system of allocation, and first of all a liver which gets under double loading at once. Therefore we will pay for short-term effect of improvement of health on a minimum intoxication and in “blow“ to system of allocation.

Therefore for reception of any heteropathic preparations payment will be inevitable. And effect very short-term, as a rule. You look: if you have a headache from - for an angiospasm, “Spazmalgol“ for some time will remove this problem, but then vessels and so will come to the habitual state, plus to it intoxication and a problem of a liver.

We will tell directly: at such “kind“ relation to our “suit“, for a long time it will not last. By the way, the blow in a liver will cause intoxication, behind it decrease in immunity, the endocrine system “will float“ and went - went. So the current situation at which we in no way do not look younger has under itself quite real everyday base.

By the way, reception of heteropathic preparations can be really reasonable in that case when the harm done by them is incomparable with weight of a situation - only, in sharp cases with direct danger to life. Of course, nobody with homeopathy will go to reanimation, but already in chamber, at a cure stage, it is already possible to use homeopathy. Certainly, theoretically, as the homeopath around the world is a doctor of the top skills that assumes need of training and knowledge of human nature and opportunities of a homeopathic method. Here if in England there is a Royal Homoeopathic Clinic, then in England there are also chambers where the person can receive the qualified homeopathic help. Our situation with it is perfect other. This “homeopathic neglect“ also creates ideal conditions for presenilation. By the way, distracted from a subject. Actually much more “whip“ situation.

To begin with the fact that without solution of a question that there is health any methods of an assessment of results of therapy, to put it mildly, are inadequate. We already understood that removal of the current symptom, as a rule, only aggravates a situation - the allopatiya works only short time plus side effects.

In the solution of a question that there is health there are several basic approaches. Social: the patient is healthy if he does not need the sick-list - “is efficient“. And what will be written in the card? It is healthy? It is unlikely.

Following approach heteropathic. Theoretically here it is even more interesting as the official opinion of modern medicine of people is considered healthy if (further we quote close to the text), it has no problems in any spheres: professional, social, mental, functional and others. … Very looks like definition of the person happy because only the person happy has no problems “in any spheres“. “Hvatanuli considerably“ as it is absolutely clear that the happy person is always healthy. But how then to be with therapy? It is hardly expedient to treat to “a full oschastlivlivaniye“. The last quite reasons the provision of medicine heteropathic at which treatment per se is not supposed. And only medical maintenance at which we will quickly grow old suffices, it is desirable in operating state and with a minimum of unpleasant feelings. A peculiar service, well and on that thanks.

Homeopathic approach. Differs from heteropathic by definition as it is not about maintenance but only about treatment. Treatment (we will remember Ganeman) the vital principle. The last should be deciphered and given to some actual parameters which it is possible though somehow to estimate. And so, from the point of view of homeopathic: after treatment of the vital principle of people has to return to the biological age.