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Novelties of cinema. What to watch during week-end on February 18 - 19? “Actor“, “Zolushka“, etc.

the Next film week will do without blockbusters. In close proximity to the Oscar the Russian film distributors will parade the main contender for awards of an Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences - mute is black - The White Ribbon “Actor“, and also two competitors - the political drama “March Ides“ (the nomination on the best adapted scenario) and the picture “Servants“.

The tandem of comedies will entertain the viewer: Russian “Zolushka“ and Hollywood picture “Means, War“.

In a hire rear guard there is couple of interesting projects too. First of all, drama of Frenchman Andre Techine “The unfinished novel“. And also horror films “Seekers of graves“ both “Psychic“ and domestic military drama “4 days in May“. And now is more detailed:

1. “Actor“ (The Artist, 2011)

Who knew Frenchman Michel Hazanavichus while he shot weak spy parodies about the Agent 117? Correctly, admirers of modern French cinema which, by the way, it is a little. Who knows a duet of the director and his favourite actor Jean Dujardin after a premiere of “Actor“? All, who though somehow is interested in cinema. I am afraid, as Michel did not assume what furor his “Actor“ will arrange. But also you will not call a huge number of awards and laudatory responses of film critics accident.

I consider a duty to warn that the movie it is really black - white and besides mute. This fact will frighten off many modern audience, even despite magnificent actor`s game of Dujardin and his partner on the movie Berenice Bejo. However I insistently advise to look at this touching nostalgic - a romantic tape. And not because the picture is recognized the best at the past ceremony of the British film academy BAFTA. And not thanks to the prize in Cannes which got to Dujardin. And even not from - for 10 nominations on Oscar. Just we missed the real cinema.

2. “Means, war“ (This Means War, 2012)

the Creator of a dilogy of “Angela Charlie“ and people who brought a feasible contribution throughout the franchize about “Terminator“, the director with a short, but the known name Makdzhi released the fifth tape for the last 12 years. At the same time he decided to address the fallen in love espionage subject again, having pushed off foreheads of two most perspective Hollywood stars, Chris Pine (“Star Trek“, “Uncontrollable“) and Thomas Hardy (“Beginning“ and the approaching “Dark knight: Revival of a legend“).

Mademoiselle Reese Witherspoon pleasant in every respect which grew up from pink clothes and turned into the beautiful woman for which not a sin and to fight became object of dispute of two high quality agents. Especially as are subject to spies not only habitual ways of courting, but also various special receptions which they do not disdain at all, despite close friendship between themselves. The movie at Makdzhi turned out simple as three Soviet rubles, but cheerful. Together with cell phones it is desirable to disconnect also a brain.

3. “Zolushka“ (2012)

When in credits of the feature film flashes an inscription “From creators of “A big difference“, I feel Zopoy, there will be a trouble. When in a shot of a trailer persons Stoyanov, Lisa Boyarskaya, Tsekalo and Baskov are visible - it is necessary only to hope that your head will not turn into pumpkin after viewing. And it, misters, mainstream of our native cinema. Not that cinema that thick-headed critics chew far from fatherland, sitting on soft sofas of Carlton hotel in Cannes, and what is havat by the ordinary Russian viewer who brought the girl to have supper popcorn and to celebrate bourgeois St. Valentine`s Day.

You remember Soviet “Cinderella“? Tu that with Yanina Zheymo according to Evgeny Schwartz`s scenario? It was post-war 1947. Nobody prevented Kosheverova and Shapiro`s tandem to transfer life of the bourgeois girl dreaming of the prince on a white horse to the Soviet realities. Let will be a milkmaid, the heroine of socialist labor who is secretly lovesick on the chairman of collective farm. But then decided that the classics should not be defiled. And in 2012 instead of the Cinderella palmed off on us a brothel on wheels. To you it is ridiculous? Then - welcome.

4. “Servants“ (The Help, 2011)

you will be surprised with

, having learned that the drama of the obscure actor and the beginning director Tate Taylor “Servants“ became one of the most profitable film hits of the last year. Unexpected result, considering that very scandalous book - Catherine Stokett`s best-seller, telling about hard destiny of black servants from the southern states of America 60 - x is years the basis for a tape. Before the book for 100 weeks was included into the list of best-sellers of New York Times, Stokett received 60 refusals of the publishing houses which did not wish to contact provocative material.

Four nominations on the Oscar, where one - most important, and three - for female roles in the movie. Touching, at the same time ridiculous and sentimental story of the young girl which decided to rise across public opinion and to write the book where there will be a truth and nothing except the truth. The effect of the become torn bomb is guaranteed.

5. “March ides“ (The Ides of March, 2011)

One more nominee of the Oscar, the political drama of George Clooney, most likely, will leave a ceremony as wise as before. Chance that a story about scandalous details of secret fuss of the American politicians will be able to interest the Russian audience - too scanty. And the movie - that excellent. Bright, intense, psychologically true. And in anticipation of our native “elections“ - very actual.

The brilliant cast where Ryan Gosling, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Paul Dzhamatti, Jeffrey Wright, Marisa Tomei and, certainly, George Clooney in person enter can become additional incentive for viewing of this tape also.

From potential leaders of hire we will pass to those who sat down at the back with hope to snatch remains of spectator attention. From Canada with overdue greetings to us there arrived the before last year`s horror film “Seekers of graves“ removed in a popular genre of amateur video. Certain a reality - show suggests the participants to finish the project, having placed a final episode in the thrown psychiatric clinic. Locals avoid this institution that in addition stirs interest of a film crew. The most part of the movie the youth will jump aside along bare corridors of hospital, soiling trousers from each rustle or the flashed shadow. On all movie the two-three of the terrible moments will be gathered, but the ending kills all idea on the spot.

If you cannot wait to feel adrenaline inflow, pay attention to the stylish and frightening thriller about ghosts “Psychic“ (in the original the tape is called “Awakening“). The young girl (Rebecca Hall) comes to boarding school that the scientific knowledge to convince pupils and teachers that no otherworldly forces threaten them. But the further investigation comes, the stronger she begins to trust in supernatural. Strong scenario, good actors, qualitative suspense.

To admirers of psychological French dramas will carry to see new work of Andre Techine “The unfinished novel“ about with what the little flirtation at work can end. In this case, the speech in heading goes about the book which to finish grown wise with experience the writer comes to Venice. There he falls in love with the nice woman (Karol Bouquet) and does not suspect that the destiny strives to trip up it.

Finish the next list of February premieres the British tape “Toast“ , the screen version of the autobiography of the cook Nigel Sleyter, with Freddie Haymor`s participation (“Spaydervik: Chronicles“) and Helena Bonham Carter, and the Russian military drama “4 days in May“ with Guskov and Merzlikin about events of the end of World War II.