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How to celebrate Maslenitsa in beat of modern life? We since childhood know

about a cheerful holiday of Maslenitsa, and many of us heard about the traditions and beliefs connected with this festive week. Of course, earlier people were able to afford whole week not to work and have a good time to the full extent. Let`s understand together in the history of celebration of Maslenitsa and we will try to combine customs with a rhythm of modern life.

We will begin with the fact that Buttered week very long in fact - that to the was a meeting of the new year originating since March, but not since January. Not for nothing speak: “As you will meet New year, and you will spend it“ therefore our ancestors also had fun. Eh, the village of Pomidorkino - horses in sledge and drivings on hills! Every day it was painted with the ceremonies.

We will begin to prepare the day before. On Sunday collect a small amount of things old and absolutely unnecessary you which are not a pity and for throwing out. It can be worn-out clothes, the remains of a yarn and anything! What for? We will build Maslenitsa effigy in advance, and will occupy it no more than 30 minutes. Involve in this occupation of all members of household, children will be delighted!

Release your imagination and make a doll. Cut fabric on strips 5 cm wide and 30 cm long. Make hair of a yarn and braid in braids. Collect tapes in a bunch and strong connect a top. Turn out this construction that the knot was inside. Crumple a piece of fabric in a ball of the size of a children`s cam and, having put it under knot, straighten tapes. Tie up a string - it will be the head.

The same procedure with an effigy bust, only enclose fabrics more. The ends of tapes which remained free will imitate a skirt. Fix braids on the head, having tied a bright kerchief. Prepare “stake“ on which, having woken up on Monday, we will set up our Maslenitsa. Any stick, well or a simple pencil will approach. Here we also made the first ceremony.

Monday . Day the first - a meeting. This day the effigy was carried on the city on sledge. Well, we, of course, will not drag it for ourselves, and we will just put on a window. The city sees an effigy, the effigy sees the city and the sun - the ceremony is made. Today we have to bake pancakes and first of all present needy, going round carol-singing or wandering.

Even it is difficult to imagine such picture to run with hot pancake down the street in search of above-mentioned. But customs are not so narrow and our ancestors in all centuries remembered pancakes deceased, here and we will eat the first pancake, having remembered all. And the leaving winter we will remember, having supported ancient essence of Maslenitsa: “We remember winter - we welcome spring“. And if there is a free minute, walk with children in the yard. And let they ride from a hill, and on a swing shake highly - highly, awakening the laughter spring from a dream.

Tuesday . Day of the second - zaigrysh. Shows of nevestushka. The girls and women dreaming of a marriage it is your day! At work prove to be fully equipped and let your single colleagues be men “fall stacks“ from your stunning originality. Go to the cinema or in theater and just in any entertaining institution not only to look at the world, but first of all to prove to be. Also remember, Maslenitsa patronizes you! Not without reason all festivities were sent to search for promiseds and courtship.

Wednesday . Day the third - gourmands. Mothers-in-law, you did not see the sons-in-law long ago? And so today the most real occasion to invite the son-in-law on a visit to pancakes. By tradition, among the guests invited surely in a place of honor the son-in-law has to sit and taste the pancakes made by the mother-in-law with own hand.

Thursday . Day the fourth - revelry. This day began celebration of wide Maslenitsa. All entertainments (fisticuffs, conquest of snow towns, fight a wall on a wall) were directed to dumping from themselves the negative energy which is saved up for long winter.

Where in the modern city it is possible to splash out the energy? Dances or stadium! There takes place the soccer match? You descend on it even if at all you do not understand all these penalties, dribblings and other subtleties anything. Believe, you will be infected by general passion of stands, here where it is possible to shout and whistle, and respectively, to get rid of negative energy.

Friday . Day the fifth - mother-in-law parties. This day the mother-in-law paid reciprocal visit to the son-in-law. An excellent opportunity “to coax“ the strict mother-in-law! Surround with a soft cloud of care and attention the “dearest“ guest. Yes if treat her with pancakes of own production … you will be the most beloved son-in-law.

Saturday . Day of the sixth - daughter-in-law parties. In such day the daughter-in-law invited on a visit the husband`s relatives. Sisters-in-law (the husband`s sisters) were generally invited and presented with some gifts. If the sister-in-law was not married, then for the evening called unmarried girlfriends and vice versa. Well if the friendly relations developed your sister-in-law, in the return case the chance with a plausible excuse is provided to you to try to find a common language.

Sunday . Day of the seventh - the forgiven day, farewell. Bowing in a belt, the person in all sincerity apologizes to others for incidentally or intentionally the caused offense on what he has to receive the answer: “God yes will forgive you, and I forgive“. Unless it is not actual today? How many offenses we cause to the family and strangers? In this ritual the deep meaning is put. It is necessary to forgive and apologize heartily and with kind thoughts.

And what our Maslenitsa on a window? Came it is time to say goodbye to it, and at the same time and with a winter, urging to come spring into the own. Unfortunately, will hardly allow to arrange great ognishche for burning of Maslenitsa to us, but it is possible to set fire modestly to it in the yard.

Here it here celebration of Maslenitsa can be organized, interweaving folk customs into hard knot of modern life.