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Who the favourite on the Oscar - 2012?

Today on low start all applicants for a victory in 84 - oh a ceremony of rewarding with a cinema award the Oscar which will take place on February 26 in Kodak Los movie center - Andzheles. The motto of a solemn forum will become -“ The Holiday film everything!“ Conducting ceremonies it is appointed Billey`s star of Cristal. From February 1 to February 21 there will take place all votes among judges of Academy on whom the final decision on winners of this forum will be made. Already there took place the parties devoted to the Oscar. On them participants of a celebration and applicants for an award could communicate among themselves, share opinions and get new acquaintances, and also hold preliminary negotiations for further cooperation with this or that producer, the agent and the manager.
From all participants in the nominations on the Oscar, and their Academy considered in number of nine movies, were noted as rather sensational, popular and received many comments at public this is “Actor“ with 10 nominations and “Descendants“ with 11 nominations, and movies, absolutely controversial for board of judges, - “Also “the Life Tree“ is terribly loud and incredibly close“. But despite not unanimous decision of board, it is possible to note the most outstanding works such as “Actor“ of the French director Michel Hazanavichus which will begin to challenge a role of the main applicant for the Oscar.
the Movie is remarkable the fact that it is removed on is black - a white film and is executed by
in traditions of silent cinema that was to the taste not to the British audience. The picture was more than is favourably accepted by critics and received three awards at a ceremony “the Gold Globe - 2012“ - “The best movie“. “The best male role“ and “The best soundtrack“. At a ceremony the Oscar this movie can take away 10 figurines.

As for the movie “Keeper Vremeni“ (a shouting. Hugo`s name“ means a clothes brand), the movie is constructed on a retrospective with use 3 - the D technologies. It as simultaneous advance and back. Victor Hugo`s times with imposing 3 - the D tests for placement of a multilayered frame for all sets of the plots and jewelry used for the movie. “In this history, 3 - D plays an important role both at the station and in hours because you feel how you live inside,“ the art director Dante Ferretti speaks. “I think, you feel more actively in the happening actions. We removed in Paris only five days, but I think that it was easier than in 3 - D on a scene, and a lot of things are simple on fingers“. For the composer Shor the movie“ Keeper Vremeni“ offers an opportunity to experiment with tools of the different period to cause feelings of an era and emotions. For a long session in 105 - minutes, it serially uses a sextet of sounds (Marteno`s waves, a carryall, the Gipsy guitar, tactics a piano, a bass and percussions 30 - x years) and an orchestra, creating interaction of feelings of depth of the sound Second World War with 3 - the D technologies.
When declared the Oscar “Descendants“ on the nomination recently, the movie became one of winners among the presented movies, having hammered 11 nominations, including the best direction, the best male role and the best movie. This type of the movie which as is considered by Academy shows a tendency of society, and the direction where it to aspire so nothing surprising that the tape is present as the favourite. Besides, it is the first collaboration of George Clooney and the director Alexander Paine. Partly Clooney and Paine`s success results from their abilities, in ability to balance unique hudozhestvennyy flashes generally from vital stories. Their work here to that proof. It is typical for Paine in his previous movies. Work “Descendants“ has in all melancholic tone and investigates questions of crisis of middle age with hope for their positive decision.

Among the Best Director of year high professionals of the present will compete among themselves: “Keeper Vremeni“ - Martina Skoreze, “Midnight in Paris“ - Woody Alain, “the Life Tree“ - Terrence Malik and “Descendants“ - Alexander Paine.
For a role the Best Actress are presented the following pretenders: Glenn Close in the movie “Albert Nobbs“, Viola Davies - “Help“, Rooney Mara - “The girl with a dragon tattoo“, Meryl Streep - “The Iron Lady“ and at last Michelle Williams “Seven days and nights from Merelin Monro“. Many frequenters of the actions preceding rewarding already gained recognition and love of the viewer, but there were also several unexpected surprises in a look Nick Nolti in the movie “Soldier“ the Best supporting actor applying for an award in the category
, Gary Oldman “The spy, go out“ and Terrence Malik. It should be noted magnificent work Kenneth Brana “Seven days and nights from Merelin Monro“ in which the actor keeps the viewer at the game close up, the most part of the movie. It is very difficult work often exclusively big talented actors manage which. Let`s hope that this extraordinary talent will be appreciated. Though his rivals on this nomination John Hill and Nick Nolti in the movie “Soldier“ and Max von Suedow in “It is terribly loud and incredibly close“ worthy players in competition.
Of course needs to mention work Betta Mackenzie “The person and a doll“ from the musical Muppet Show which applies for the nomination in category - the Best song, in the same line there are with it Sergio Mendez, Karlinyos Brown (the famous Brazilian percussionist), Siyeda Garrett about “Reality in Rio“ from the animation musical “Rio“.
Among category of soundtracks in the nominations on the Best music are presented in the movie the following composers: “Tingting`s adventures: Secret of a unicorn““ - the composer John Williams, “Artist“ - Ludovika Buerzelja, “Keeper Vremeni“ - Howard Shor, “The spy, go out“ - Albert Iglesias and at last one more work of John Williams “A fighting horse“ of the director Steven Spielberg.