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How to make a gift with own hands? We do a cat!

Gifts happen different. Happen - the things useful in economy. Happen - absolutely useless, but memorable. The second category is shared into souvenirs purchased too and those that are created especially for the specific person, own hands.

The second category is especially actual if there is no opportunity to get a unique gift, and there is a strong wish to present something original. Besides, it is not obligatory to make a gift for someone at all. It is possible - for itself. As an original decor of the apartment.

Let`s look that it is possible to make of a piece of plasticity, polyfoam, a scrap of an old scarf, velvet paper, a wooden skewer for a shish kebab, a foil from a chocolate and glue. Still the frame for photos was involved in the given sample, but it is not obligatory. Just such frame is very convenient if the turned-out composition wants to be placed under glass. But the glazing is not an indispensable condition.

At first - the project. It was simple: the cat sitting on a window sill and looking out of the window. It was required: to make a cat, a window frame, a window sill, a pot with flowers, slippers, eaves, fastenings for eaves, curtains, small window accessories (the handle, latches, rings for eaves).

The piece of plywood which was pasted over with velvet paper formed a basis: darkly - blue - for the sky behind a window, yellow and orange - a wall. Then the window frame was cut out from material for a heat-insulated floor (reminds polyfoam, only thin) and pasted to “wall“. “Figurnost“ of a frame is created by an additional strip. The window sill was made of the same material which is stuck together in several layers.

A cat, accessories for a window, fastenings for eaves, the flowerpot and slippers were made of plasticity, and then baked“ in an oven. The most difficult figure - a cat. It is quite simple to make it if to consider that it is only “rear view“. That is, the cat`s muzzle is not required to be molded. On slippers after heat treatment two scraps of rabbit fur were pasted - slippers with pompons turned out.

In fastenings for eaves at once, before heat treatment, openings were done to insert “eaves“ - the skewer which is cut off to the necessary size for a shish kebab.

It is the most difficult to make “floor“ as for this purpose it is necessary to paste quite thin piece of polyfoam at an angle. It is simpler if to arrange under this piece additional fastening - a support - this support is not visible in a finished product as everything is located in a box from polyfoam. Ready “floor“ is pasted over with velvet paper.

And here the cat already sits on a window sill near a flowerpot. Now it is possible to paste on the night sky month and stars - are cut out from a foil from a chocolate.

After rings are put on a skewer, and the skewer is inserted into fastening and the eaves are pasted into place, rings need to be glued that they were motionless - after everything is closed by glass, it will be impossible to reach composition, and it is impossible to assume that curtains moved on mobile rings. Then curtains (chiffon pieces - the former scarf) are glued to rings, slippers - to “floor“, and everything is packed into the foam box which is in advance pasted over with velvet paper - the same as walls.

A finishing stage - installation to the place of a frame with glass. It is safely pasted by all-purpose adhesive. By the way, it is better to use this glue in all cases, even pasting velvet paper. Paper, of course, perfectly keeps also on PVA, and even on office glue, here only one problem - at a pasting it is in the habit to be twisted. All-purpose adhesive does not give any inconvenience, and holds all details tightly, teeth not to tear off.

After installation of a frame into place the foam box or is pasted over with velvet paper outside, or painted under color of a frame and varnished.

Use of a ready frame is convenient for photos not only availability of glass, but also existence of fastening from a reverse side - the turned-out composition can be hung up on a wall at once. If there is no such fastening, it can be made from nailing.

And here everything is ready, glue dried - it is possible to hang up a product on a wall. Also you know, it there not bad looks!