Rus Articles Journal

How played “Halley - challah“?

- the Movie Soviet or import? - Ours! - Color or it is black - white? - M - m - m. Color. Natashka twisted in hands a blue ball with three red strips - one more widely and two very narrow - and waited for the following question...

Natashka had curly hair and beautiful long legs. Boys then still were not able to understand it, and realized only that though it and a weather, but most above domestic punks nearly on the head. For it she was called simply: “Mop“. And she also did not take offense - got used... Her mother was an alcoholic and used words where whip.

- Teeeekkk... The name from one or four h words. It d - has to be easy.

... Sashka Kurochkin was tow-haired and thick. And four-eyes. Small, elastic copy of the grandmother. In the yard it appeared seldom as came here on a visit, but it was all the same considered, despite the foolish Panamanian and periodic stutter. In - the first, it was clever, and in - the second, quite often pulled various sandwiches from the house: that simply sugared and lemon acid a crust, a piece of black bread with thick doctor`s sausage, and - a foremost delicacy - long loaf with strawberry jam.

- About love or about war?
- Both about that, and about that...
- So does not happen!
- Happens!

... Din Sliepov it was a little rather stupid and strongly resembled the Gipsy. It was considered durnovaty, but for its this durnovatost and respected. Because if it was necessary to play some dirty trick or to check something on itself - he was the first volunteer. Carbide in a toilet bowl? Easily! At peacefully sleeping under a swing drunk in a nose a blade to tickle? Easily! To hand over the bottles found in a grass to the terrible Armenian from point of glassware? What questions?!

Quite recently at it in hands the serebryanka blew up, it burned to itself(himself) eyebrows, eyelashes and a very expensive jacket. And to it did not even get. His mother carried things from - for borders. Also sold. Or perhaps bought up stolen. But precisely - sold! Rumors were different. Dyad Zhenya is the owner of the only thing in the yard of Zhiguli - Pashkin the father - simply called her a fartsovshchitsa, and: pusher.

Din the back of the bandaged hand rubbed a nose bridge, otkolupnut the green moss which grew between bench boards and blinked the eyes...

- Well so about what war? About civil or about domestic?
- About both...
- So it che, multiseries, perhaps?
- Mmm. I do not remember. But long, precisely!

- Where action happens?
- In the village. Green Dale, in my opinion...

... Pashka furiously began to scratch in a nape, trying to remember. The father at Pashka was the real bus driver. Twenty seventh route. It carried people in the airport and from the airport. Pashka with parents lived in the wooden house, and they in peace and friendship all family waited for “moving“. Already half a year were going to demolish the house. Pashkina mother as put even in the winter all things on chests, so on suitcases and lived, expecting moving to the new apartment. She said that it is more prestigious to live in the apartment, than in the house. It was not absolutely clear, but all agreed...

Somehow the patsanva found an old ski stick on a wastebasket, immediately turned it into “spear“ and began to throw in empty boxes. One of boxes turned over, and the roll of money, even in packing a cross - crosswise, as in bank - really from there dropped out. Pashka saw it the first, shouted, and all dragged “treasure“ to dyad to Tola - the Pashkiny father - it only of adults was out at a lunch. There was a lot of money. Probably, several hundreds. Or perhaps even thousands!

Dyad Tolya allocated from a find red ten with Lenin`s physiognomy, and the punks week every day bought in shop square wafers on 11 kopeks and drank sparkling water from the automatic machine, patiently waiting when scourges return a glass. Wanted to descend still crowd in park, to drive on “Surprise“, but money ended.

- Green Dol... Pancake, here I precisely looked! There about Kolchak, huh?
- Yes!

- This, to - as it... Mmmm.... T - shadows disappear at midday!!!!
- Halley - challah!!

The mop that there are forces threw a ball up and started running away, is ridiculous on - maiden swinging hands. Slow Sashka caught a ball not at once, dropped two times therefore when he at last cried “Stop!“, Natashka managed to bring quickly almost to the hill.

- Wow! Well l - it is fine. To you... thirteen giants and t - three simple. And... eee... four liliputik.

Sashka never guessed distance. It just began big jumps, and it was already clear to all that it will pass no more than two thirds of a way. But the chance was.

- Twelve... Thirteen...

Sashka passed to usual steps, and then began to put a foot to a foot. But even he already understood that liliputik do not rescue... Nevertheless, Natashka as it is necessary made a ring of hands, and Sashka tried to throw a ball there. Did not get not that to a ring, but even to Natashka. Simply did not throw...

- Well, - Natashka easily lifted a ball, - I will think of an animated cartoon now. All know it!!

And nobody was against. All know: it is more interesting to guess, than to think...