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The Universe, wanderings of human souls, the parallel world of the planet

the Hypothesis in a popular statement

Separate fragments of records from the collection “Secrets of Life and Death“

On a subject of this publication were specified several same remarks which sense is expressed in the following concepts:
All from God and all ways of Truth from It. Therefore, it is not necessary and to think of other possible ways which are not corresponding to God`s Truth. there is no
references to God, to divine forces, to guardian angels, to devilish, devilish forces - it arouses mistrust to the stated material.

In connection with the specified remarks and not to go to the useless and immemorial mat, earlier stated material, it is supplemented with some explanations. Why in the stated material there are no references to God, to Divine forces? First of all, it is a hypothesis which is imposed to nobody. Its subject is designed for readers to whom various aspects of outlook are interesting. The believing people are not recommended to read similar material! Yes, they also have no need to read it. They, know as who waits for them in heaven after their death. And, here many non-believers consider that life of people is similar to fallen leaves of plants. Served the term of life, fell down, decayed also all. Only, possible advantage of them, this use of biochemical processes of decomposition of this foliage other plants and live microorganisms. In this article the point of view, from a position of the highest natural organization of intelligent life in the Universe is stated. Human life on the planet is not simple biological maturing of an organism and its reason. Evolution of the Nature created the higher biological organism for creation and development in each such organism of field substance of reason. Developing and ripening together with a biological body, consciousness, the reason of the person is enriched with knowledge and properties to learn and transform the environment surrounding it. So has to be. But, the ripening consciousness and reason of many people do not answer this purpose.
Therefore, after death of a biological body, consciousness and reason of human soul is estimated regarding their compliance to the required conditions. In it sense of existence of the reasonable person on any planet in the Universe. The way of transition of our souls to the following stage of the existence passes, really, through “purgatory“. Which, it is necessary to understand how procedure of quite difficult selection and rejection. It is natural selection which is characteristic, both of a material world, and of the live world of the Universe.
the Believing people consider that God in each of us, in our souls, in our affairs. “The Lord sees everything. On everything God`s will! “ - say in every way and for no reason at all. Let`s not give many others, similar, as if, glorifications to God. Such accepted judgment causes, even in some faithless people, desire to protect the name of God uttered continually human activity. Actually, all similar statements accuse him of all bad affairs, got up by mankind.

Often asked the genius of scientific researches Albert Einstein questions of secrets of creation of the World. One of his answers expressed such thought: “I believe in God proving in the ordered harmony of world around, but not in god who is engaged in destinies and affairs of certain people“. In this statement the sense of understanding of what separates us from God proving in the ordered harmony of world around, a chasm of a space barrier is put. Our biological life on Earth not casual evolution of the Nature. It is natural process in Vselenskommire in whom a set of various civilizations including such what our civilization is. Therefore to consider God as the guide, the inspector, …, the assistant in all affairs though, and it is tempting for all, but it is not correct. Everything, even, the non-believer, it would be desirable to have the Father Nebesny who in everything would care for them. But, as all history of development of human society showed, in this understanding there are much more negative interpretation. Mother Earth not only in the infinite Universe. And, to God (if to mention him) the result of vital activity of the person, but not safe life of his biological body is more important. The body is only a cover and the environment of maturing of a germ of the space consciousness and reason put in biological consciousness as an initial matrix. Our soul contains this substance of Space Reason ripening together with biological consciousness of the person. In general, taking into account all properties characteristic as a hobby, it is an inmentaliya of the person - the information mentality of the personality (IMP). Inmentaliya is a possible continuation of life of human soul. But, only separate inmentaliya have an opportunity to pass protective information barriers of space systems and to get to the Universe of the Integrated Reason, or to the World of Divine Reason (if to speak, exactly, about such world).
All further material is constructed on the basis of the following conceptual scheme of the interconnected systems of the Universe of the Universes
1. Universe of the Integrated Reason//World of Divine Reason.
2. World of Universal Infinity.
Includes: planets, stars, galaxies, the Universes, all other space bodies and systems, the space vacuum filled with space power fields, and power information fields and channels, streams of space, information radiations.
3. World of biopower and information fields.
Includes: Power information, biopower information fields of the Universes, their portals and power streams of space communications. The biopower fields of planets inhabited by the vegetable and live world.
4. World of Wildlife.
Solves problems: Evolutionary development of the vegetable and live world of planets, their biopower fields. Provides filling of the Universe of Reason with production of the activity: reasonable field substance.
Biological human life proceeds in the world of Wildlife. After death of a biological body the biological field of the planet defines its inmentaliya in a certain stage of its further existence.

Biological human life proceeds in the world of Wildlife. After death of a biological body the biological field of the planet defines its inmentaliya in a certain stage of its further existence.
Everything that surrounds us, all we face, is under the influence of the laws existing in the Nature. Therefore, we will not rise in the reasonings above a side of possible knowledge of these laws and to refer to the fact that is higher than this side. And answer to a question: “Whose instructions are followed by the Nature in the manifestations“, let everyone assumes for himself on own understanding and preference.

How the Nature manages to resolve effectively issues of evolutionary development in the vegetable and live world? The most effective way is simultaneous existence of considerably opposite concepts, type: good and evil. For example, in fauna, in various vitally dangerous situations the strongest survive, as a rule, the most impudent, the most cunning, …
it is unpleasant to recognize, but, same, the law of the Nature works also in human society. Naturally, in more sophisticated form as its actions have the thought-over character. Simple animal instincts to it are helped by different types and forms of manifestation of his reason. The nature does not interfere with prosperity, negative, from the point of view of public relationship, traits of character. Yes, it as if is sad did not look, at first sight, such style of human life is maintained by the Nature, for education of opposite traits of character. As a result of such policy of the Nature, also positive lines of human character of a certain part of human society develop, become stronger, become tempered. It is also a peculiar filter of definition what like character this personality treats. What it reaches for that attracts it more. As a result, at people with steady psychology to negative manifestations of character, positive inmentaliya are formed., such inmentaliya have chances to conform to requirements of Space Reason.

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the Text of this article is postponed for the website Samolit. com, in the form of the e-book. As for other questions connected with predictions, with a possibility of stay in the past and the future with real manifestations of properties of zodiac signs. Answers to these questions will be covered in the additional article “Universe of the Integrated Reason“.