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How to grow up kornesobstvenny saplings of apple-trees?

are known to All that apple-trees make multiple copies by a cultivar shank inoculation on the corresponding stock. Generally for this purpose dwarfish and semi-dwarfish trees which provide faster approach of fructification are used, give the chance to an apple-tree well to develop and to fructify actively.

At myself at the dacha I apply less widespread way of reproduction of fruit-trees - ukorenenyayu cultivar branches, and then I grow up the received saplings already as kornesobstvenny apple-trees. A set of such saplings already grew in full-fledged apple-trees and yield an excellent harvest of tasty fruits. Any more neighbors do not ask naive questions - whether will grow up from these saplings of a dichka. Their saplings presented by me began to fructify fine apples of the multiplied grade long ago.

Climate at us in Altai severe therefore it is necessary to grow up apple-trees in stlantsevy and stlantsevo - a sectional form and to choose suitable one-year escapes for a prikapyvaniye does not make big work. Here it is only very important not to be mistaken and choose a layer so that it settled down surely above an inoculation point, that is belonged to the cultivated part of an apple-tree.

Accurately I bend down the chosen escape, I prikapyvat in a small flute on depth of 10 cm and I enshrine it in this provision by a suitable peg - the flyer, made of the maple growing near a site. Over time it will decay and will not prevent to otsazhivat a young sapling on the new place. Prikopk needs to do so that over the Earth`s surface there was a branch 30-40 cm long. Incidentally subsequently not to damage a sapling, nearby I stick the metal bent meter bar.

I do these works, as a rule, in the spring because if to postpone it until summer, the sapling will take roots a year longer. The made prikopk of big do not demand leaving, it is only necessary to water at least once in a week and to clear of weeds. If ants apply a plant louse on a sapling, then it is necessary to get rid of her in any available way, otherwise this wrecker can strongly damage young prikopanny escapes.

The next year at the beginning of summer when it becomes visible that prikopanny saplings already actively went to growth, I accurately cut off them secateurs from a uterine tree. Some badly taken roots young yablonk can a little podvyat. They need to be pritenit and to water more often, will not return to normal yet. Usually saplings get accustomed percent on 80 - 90. It for me is quite enough as I prepare them with a stock. In the fall I transport young yablonk already on permanent residence.

Thus I made multiple copies and I make multiple copies grades of apple-trees Gorno-Altaysk, the Phoenix, Radiant, Treasured, Autumn Pleasure, the Gardener`s Gift, Ural Bulk, etc. The most important that I always have now a stock of saplings of the necessary grade.

Those who will apply this method need to mean that large-fruited apple-trees take roots worse. For some for rooting even two years can be required. Besides, they have not really frost-resistant root system therefore I cover a pristvolny circle at such apple-trees for the winter with a layer of pine needles. It is possible to use for this purpose and any other improvised material. Then even in the frostiest snowless winter roots will perfectly remain.

This way of reproduction of apple-trees attracts me with the simplicity, and the fact that on receiving a sapling a lot of time leaves, does not disturb me at all because I do prikopk always beforehand and with a stock. And those yablonk which are to me not necessary I just distribute to numerous friends - gardeners. And nobody refuses!

Generally, now I have at the dacha all kornesobstvenny apple-trees what I am not sorry about at all!