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What it is more important - to grow thin or make in a gym toilet?

How many time noticed: any, even it is necessary to do the most useful serious work through some fences and obstacles. I do not know what does result such desired and joyful - the spent efforts to achievement or the same, only concerning overcoming of surely arising surprises.

The most banal example - weight loss. Dream of a bigger half of female part of mankind and considerable part of the man`s population of the planet. Women really want, men too, but want to perceive result even more. At the same time the same men really do not understand why at women the declared action turns out less, than they want actually.

Women do not understand even more. Though all know that if we what wanted then to resist - first of all - it is not recommended to us. Because all of us equally and involuntarily, but will sweep away any obstacles in the way at achievement of the desirable. But not in weight loss.

Methods, ways, recommendations, councils, we impart experience - all is known to all. But there is no result. Or it is microscopic. Or rare. Well it is impossible to do everything in a complex. Or unloading, and then loading days, either holidays, or periodic physical exercises of different degrees. Here is how - that everything also together is impossible.

Still there is such important thing as health. It too somehow should be helped, at least sometimes. And what to do? The recipe - that the simplest: you eat less, move more. If does not help - go to the doctor, it is better to the endocrinologist.

The dream to grow thin overwhelms me many years. Best of all as - nibud incidentally and with little effort. And without damage to health, certainly. Not so that very strongly it is necessary - most likely, externally my proportions strongly will not change, but the visual picture and health have to become precisely better. It is checked by periodic positive feeble efforts. But, unfortunately, there, here. Before New year, after it …

in the Fall to me the gift on life broke off: by an attendance order it was written down in a gym. Not everything is so simple, it by a medical technique (any advertizing and not everything helps), my morning complaints to a back bothered. And in general, collected whether you know - you sing so much moreover never played sports, only in dreams. And here the dream was achieved, the girl went to a gym.

Hated herself first. At first went from - for saunas. Then from - for douches after a sauna. Extensions - it is sick. Massage - it is sick. Exercise machines - it is difficult and sick. Then the first time added weight on one of exercise machines. Then somehow did not feel a congestion of what was there always on some places of an organism.

And all the same as if jammed me. Weight both stood, and costs. Though warned that the first three months it really costs and does not disappear anywhere. How trained. This is true. It is a pity, but there`s nothing to be done. All the same you will not stop.

After several months, especially before New year, loved and respected herself everywhere. Especially on scales. Lower than a waist it became good too - did not even suspect that it happens. There arrived the girlfriend - sighs: “Well you were also pumped up“. In sense waists are already higher. No, one of another, in sense from below up just smoothly flowed. To spite of all laws of physics and a gluttony.

And I help. Somehow itself came - both tired oat-flakes, and juice, and vegetables, and seafood. Well not always, of course. Pies - rolls, home-made pelmeni and cutlets become fences and surely arising, but such pleasant surprises.

Now I understand that only on the basis of physical activity - even if the evidence-based and controlled experts - considerably it is impossible to grow thin. And not necessary it becomes. The positive all the same is. In the form of improvement of separate indicators of health rather an illness (objective result), improvement of a figure (subjective result), strengthening of a tone of muscles and vessels (and where to disappear with it, so much they swing, stretch, heat, and then ice water fertilize).

You derive pleasure from overcoming of first of all. And even not in physical exercises put. You step through morning “I do not want, then, I will correspond for other time, another time“. You close eyes to transport traffic jams and the road fellows surrounding you. In general, the road on a minibus is a special type of movement in space, especially in rush hour. You reach, change clothes, flop to measure pressure and - floated on the road of health and the correct way of life.

For these several months I understood that it is necessary not to grow thin. It is necessary just to make toilet. One goes after another - the movement, food, appearance, an internal spirit, the relation of people around.

It turns out because not for someone another you try, and for yourself. Most often it is much more difficult, than it seems from outside: to try and do for itself, but not for others. The most surprising that it changes also the world around you.

In any fence the open gate, and surprises, even finally will always be found, can and have to become pleasant. From whatever pies - pelmeni, urgent affairs or laziness they consisted.