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How to prepare dishes in a foil and a roasting sleeve?

Roasting - the most ancient way of cooking. Its essence is that products are affected from all directions by strong heat therefore on their surface the appetizing crust is formed. Once for roasting of dishes used the centers, furnaces, tandoors and simple coals.

Now there were convection ovens, microwaves, gas, electric and convector stoves. And for convenience of preparation it is possible to get a foil, sleeves and packages for roasting.

It is possible to bake any products, beginning from fruit, vegetables, mushrooms and finishing with meat and fish. I will provide some recipes of dishes for roasting. We tell opponents of greasy food that it is possible to cook such food without oil.

Chicken in a foil with carrots

For preparation of this dish should cut chicken fillet on two plates, to wash out and pickle within 20 minutes mix from mustard, sour cream and salt. Then in a frying pan to spasserovat small cut onions in vegetable oil, to pour grated carrots and to extinguish it to softness. For taste it is possible to add the crushed pickle to a dish.

About a quarter of vegetable weight needs to be laid out on a leaf of a foil, on it to put a plate of chicken fillet, and from above - as much vegetables. We wrap this preparation by a foil, zashchipnuv top in the form of a pyramid. With the second plate of chicken meat we arrive similarly. Now it was necessary to place these two semi-finished products in the oven warmed to 200 degrees, approximately for 40 minutes, and your chicken baked in a foil will be ready.


fillet of chicken breast - 1;
large carrots - 1;
a bulb - 2;
a pickle - 1;
mustard - 1 h a spoon;
sour cream - 3 h a spoon;
salt, pepper - 2/3 h a spoon.

the Fish in a foil baked in coals

the Carcass of fish to draw, salt, pepper, fill with rings of onions and slices of potatoes. Then to turn in several layers of a foil (layers of subjects it is more, than the foil is thinner) and to dig in coals for 20 - 30 minutes. This recipe perfectly is suitable for fans of fishing and picnics.

the Beef with mushrooms baked in a foil

Portion pieces of fillet of beef to beat off, salt, strew with spices and to fry before formation of a crust from each party. To cut potatoes with circles and too to fry in vegetable oil. Mushrooms to cut and fry before liquid evaporation, and at the end to pour in cream in a frying pan. Then to put each chop on a leaf of a foil, and on meat - mushrooms and potatoes. To season with pepper and salt, to connect edges of a foil in a look a kulyochka that from above remained a little empty seat. The received preparations are baked in a convection oven or an oven within 40 minutes. It is necessary to give this dish on a table, without taking out it from a foil. Potatoes with bacon and cheese

the Peeled potatoes to boil

in slightly added some salt water and to cut on halves. Everyone to salt, pepper and cover with slices of bacon, cheese and tomato. To strew with fennel greens, to turn in a foil and to send to an oven for 20 minutes.

the Sleeve and packages for roasting do Recipes of the dishes prepared in a roasting sleeve to

of a thermofilm which keeps aroma, taste, vitamins and minerals of the products which are in them. The roasting sleeve is on sale in the form of the tube put by a tape and winded in a roll. For preparation of a dish from a roll cut off a piece of a sleeve of the necessary length with a stock for fixing, place in it the chosen product, fasten edges with special heat-resistant clips and send a construction to a heated oven. That the film in the course of preparation of a dish did not burst from - for production of steam, perforation is provided in it. Therefore a sleeve with the product which is in it put on a baking sheet or a lattice holes up.

Chicken with potatoes in a roasting sleeve

to Mix vegetable oil, mustard, salt, pounded garlic, to grate with this weight chicken and to put to be pickled for 20 minutes. To cut the peeled potatoes in large cubes, to connect to mayonnaise, garlic and spices. To place chicken in a roasting sleeve, and around her to lay potatoes. In a sleeve to make a puncture a fork and to bake in an oven 1,5 hours at a temperature of 180 degrees.


chicken (1,5-2 kg);
potatoes - 1,5 kg;
garlic - 6 cloves;
vegetable oil - 5 tablespoons;
mayonnaise - 4 tablespoons;
salt, mustard, ground pepper to taste.

the Recipe of roasting of fish in a sleeve

to Draw a carcass of a pike perch, carp or som, to wash up, dry, salt and to pepper inside and outside. To fill a paunch with segments of a lemon and fennel, to oil vegetable and to put in a sleeve. To bake in an oven about an hour at a temperature of 200 degrees. In 10 minutes prior to readiness it is possible to take out fish and to put on a package that on a carcass the crust was formed. Otherwise this fish dish will turn out in own juice. Veal in wine sauce

Veal brisket to cut

for the portion, to rub with salt, pepper and mix of fennel and a thyme, to put in a bowl, to dissolve sugar in wine, to pour out in it and to allow meat to be drawn about an hour. Then to cut onions and sweet pepper half rings and to fry. To lay out meat, pepper and onions layers in a heat resisting form from a foil and place it in a roasting sleeve. It is necessary to prepare this dish in the furnace or an oven not less than 1,5 hours at a temperature of 180 degrees. The garnish for meat can be given mashed potatoes, stewed cabbage, boiled potatoes or buckwheat cereal.


veal brisket - 1 kg;
a bulb - 2 pieces;
sweet pepper - 2 pieces;
dry white wine - 3 tablespoons;
sugar - 1 h a spoon;
spicy mix for meat - 3 h a spoon;
black ground pepper, salt to taste.

For roasting of dishes in a foil and a sleeve each hostess can use such recipes. Try prepare some of them. And to your guests for certain it will be pleasant to you.