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How to overcome constraint?

Excessive shyness - very widespread problem. Constraint - an internal barrier which interferes with the natural process of communication. And its roots grow from the childhood. If in the childhood there was not enough experience of communication with people, then shyness in process of a growing is fixed in character of the person.

There are other treatments of this concept - such as fear of communication, shyness, and more serious - sociophobia.

Constraint is a fear, and it is possible to get rid of fear, having only appeared in it, and not once.

Constraint is the fear preventing to be oneself inability to maintain social pressure. This constant internal concern: “And what will think of me?“ However it is always worth remembering that “for all you will not be dear to and “you will not please with everything“ . It is absolutely normal - to be such special what you are identical people does not exist.

In general, in fact fear - a thing useful, it helps to save life. Also it is called a self-preservation instinct. When you are on a high surface - on the mountain or on the high building, there is a fear of falling, and you try to leave somewhat quicker. Or when you poskalzyvatsya on the road and fall, automatically hold up hands. So the self-preservation instinct works - there is a situation which can do much harm, and the fear right there tries to help to avoid this situation.

The fear arises when there is a new, unknown, not tested situation with an unpredictable outcome, or the situation obviously dangerous by violation of health.

For example, the fear to start talking to an opposite sex arises because that the situation is non-standard (stranger), - you never know that will occur further. And what people around will think? And suddenly I will look bad?

It concerns any social situations. But if with it to do nothing, then constraint will never take place.

It is necessary to make so that the situation became the acquaintance, and then the fear izcheznt. It will become clear that there is no danger. Then constraint will leave. Communication happens to familiar people easily and carefree. It is always necessary to remember that familiar people too once were unfamiliar .

Fully to enjoy life, it is necessary to feel it is liberated and opened. Constraint - or shyness - very much disturb it. You want to start talking to the unknown person or to express the opinion, but cannot. Though physically nobody disturbs. In such situation it is necessary to work over itself. And the earlier, the better. It will be in the future possible to save plenty of time.

So to overcome constraint, it is necessary:

1. to Understand that all people different, and each person is unique. You are unique! It is also your highlight!

I will quote the poem:

People can think a lot of things of you
I good, and bad.
But it is only thoughts in the head,
I nothing else.

2. Constraint is dissolved in operation. If only to read magazines about fitness, but not to be engaged in it, then nothing in you will change.

3. Gradually, but it is necessary to be dipped into the situations causing constraint. As a hardening in cold water - gradually, differently itself can do much harm.

I do not know whose these words, the quote is often used on the Internet, but they very much to the place: “Life one why to hesitate?“