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Assurance of


and - the beginning new nothing an inconspicuous aphorism, conclusion
in - important
d - banal, for children
z - informative
and - interesting
to - winged
of l - best
of N - not important
p - instructive
with - difficult for understanding
yu - humour

the assuring person the pupil executed Assurance constrained advantage harm the sense received the purpose value definition benefit costs demand to trust assurances distributes assurances assured deceived assures to constrain to execute to execute to break to allow to take holds

z Assurance - the promise, belief, a guarantee.
zp the Best guarantors of assurances - spirituality, morality, philanthrophy, conscience, decency …
and If demand assurances from the person - means reliable it, do not consider.
to did not execute assurance - that stole.
of l indicates Assurance weakness of the relations.
and If the person honest assurance to anything - is enough word yes, if is not present - especially.
and Assurance is what the person has, all his former merits - are staked.
p Assurance to deceive the easiest. p Who distributes to
assurances - that receives trouble. p Certified better to receive
at once - over time the sense of responsibility at assured decreases.
p do not trust the assurances given by the person in a condition of pleasure.
z Assurance - decency demonstration.
plk Not the person holds assurance - and assurance holds the person. p Taking
from the person assurance - be interested not in its opportunities, but conscience existence. kpl the assurances - do not do
, strangers - forget.
of C Honest refusal - is better than false assurance.
and Even in the head will not come - at the reliable person to demand assurances, and at unreliable - and at all.
and Assurance on the run - half of assurances.
to Assurance - a debt.
pz do not take offense At people who do not do assurances - opposite to them respect. kpv having refused assurance - to make
Better, than, having promised - to deceive. p Assurance perceive
- as a signal to special mistrust.
pl Out of human forces - with guarantee to carry out assurances, but quite on forces - not to give them.
kpv In true love - to assurances not the place. kp Certifying
- well think, carrying out - do not reflect.
sk Mistrust does not know that such assurance, to trust - it to anything.
p the best assurance secret, made about itself.
and to Distribute all assurances - even the beggar and the rascal can.
and Very fertile field for assurances - tears.
and Assurance - an emotional rush of soul.
p Lyubov needing assurances - not real.
zp If the honest person says that something will make - he will not give up on it, from assurances of the scoundrel or fool - there is not enough use.
to Assurance - humiliation for both.
and If there is not enough word yes - assurance will not help.
to Who will break the word - that will not constrain also assurance.
z Assurance for understanding - emotion or lie.
p is not favorable to take and give assurances without need. z the Nature does to
women trustful on assurances - for the sake of the maximum reproduction.
zd call of duty and honesty - is more important than memory For execution of assurances.
p Should not trust the one who does many assurances.
and If the person firmly certifies something, it either is silly, or is dishonest. The honest and responsible person has to understand that as a hindrance performed by any business different circumstances can serve, up to it as death. p to Give to
assurances it is silly - and to believe in them even more silly.
pz Assurances - take away freedom.
pz the one who gives assurances deceives - and the one who is capable will restrain what them, not to give.
p Before assurances - start up reality. p to Carry out
without assuring - it is more noble.
p without having made certified - we the person not only we bring but also we humiliate.
to Giving assurance - a sweet candy, non-performance - a bitter pill.
p Assurance - becomes a debt.
p Recognitions, oaths, assurances - love destroy.
p The easier is given assurance - the less guarantees.
p The easier are given assurances - the more difficultly are carried out.
to What have more than assurances - the more difficultly ikhvypolnyat. and The more often the person does to
assurances - the less often carries out them.
but not executed assurance - a boomerang.
p Having summoned assurance and by that, having deprived the person of freedom - we destroy ours with it the relations.
and Assurances have no right for life - even if the death cannot be the cause of their non-performance.
p Outstanding assurances can wound the person strongly.
and Assurance - a bait.
p Grabbing assurances of people, releases affairs.
and If you cannot but swear - assure about obviously not feasible.
z moves Assurance desire, execution - an opportunity.
and Assurances depend on desires - for their executions also opportunities are still necessary.
and Assurance can guard with a possibility of deception. and One business to give to
assurances it is sincere, another - under pressing.
and the Compelled assurance - is not counted.
and Assurance - an index sign.
p For creation and good - assurance are not necessary.
p From the assurance given in a stalemate - is not enough use.
zpv Assurance for the scoundrel - that for the dead a poultice, it gnaws the honest person, frightens, unsettles - and his reality of execution becomes lower, than simple the word yes.
and Assurance - disciplines.
p Compelling the person to assurances and oaths - we line it on deception. and Certifying
the person, assimilates to God.
and With a guarantee to execute assurance - only God can. but do not certify
- only God can have guarantees.
and the Most honest assurances given to God.
and Assurances to God - the most responsible and weighed. p Not performance of assurances it is easy for
to provoke to scandal.
pz Not performance of assurance is easy to probe the person on an opportunity to be protected from arrivals.
and Before running over the person on large - him probe on trifles.
p to The one who distributes assurances on the left and to the right - is no time to make kind acts.
and As it is possible to assure of love - without knowing whom you will meet.
p the Person has to tries not to get into such situations - which oblige to assurances.
p Service without assurance - is more valuable.
and Assurance - a trap.
and What assurances can be - when exist accidents.
and the Idle woman shows interest in benefit for which does not strive and pretends that she believes in assurances - to be business and reasonable is more honourable, than to be a silly davalka.
p Lyubov is generous on assurances.
p will be harm Less if to deceive or assure in feasible to ten adults, than one child.
p People betray more importance to that person who assures that he will catch a crane - than to the one who already caught a titmouse.
z people of assurances and arrangements - leads the Wrong understanding to the conflicts.
p Should not trust the person - which assures of fidelity.
zp Assurance of fidelity cools love.
p In love of people has to remain faithful so - that from it blew as easy doubt.
pz Fear to lose darling is dissolved in the certified fidelity.
//please People in vain seek for assurances of love, without understanding that thanks to their absence it also exists.
p has to approach assurances more seriously the one who is weaker.
pz the Requirement of assurances revolts, irritates, humiliates - hardly after that it is possible to wait for something good.
p The is more to pressing assurance - the less more real it performance.
p it is not desirable even to push to assurance of the person.
p p Assurances - generate troubles.
and Assurance - servitude.
p Should construct so the life - what in it to assurances there would be no place. z people absolutely sincerely begin to certify
Of a rush of feelings in unreal and unwanted.
yu That the woman believed assurances about a fur coat - buy it tights.
yu With confidence can be assured - only about impossible.
yu Assurances with term - a delay from claims.
yu is the most difficult to carry out - the assurances made foolishly.
yu should Do assurances only then - when it is more difficult not to give them, than to execute.
yu Assurances can be given for the company.
yu Distributed many assurances - waits for gratitude.
yu - is time Spring for love, elections - assurances.
yu Seldom to whom is possible to constrain assurance - to give to darling freedom.
yu Night assurances of lovers - are afraid of light.
yu the Person believes even in those assurances which were never executed.
yu Most of all assurances is given in a bed.

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