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How to be exempted from a stress in the Megalopolis?

the Stress (stress) in translation from English mean pressure or tension. In the big, noisy city the stress became its integral part for a long time. And of course, there is nothing good in it. High-speed life, constant problems, a fast food, a large number of work - all this affects on health of the person. And as the result, can arise a constant stress. But there is always exit. And not to give in to a stress or to be exempted from it, take advice below:

Begin to practice yoga. You tighten all body and make mind free from a stress. It is especially good to work yoga after work. From a stress and the collected thoughts there will be no left no trace.

Register in massage. Him also, as well as it is good to yogi to visit after work. You will relax all body, so the stress will not disturb you.

Listen to favourite music while you go to work and back. Singing of favourite songs also promotes relaxation and a raising of mood. So any stress.

communicate with friends More often, tell ridiculous stories or talk about intimate. When you are completely uttered, at heart it becomes much easier.

Get pets. Sometimes just amusing to observe them, other thoughts at once disappear. Cats can even treat diseases, laying down on painful parts of the body and warming up them.

be more often in the country. Fresh air calms, and forests allow to feel part of the nature. The bath will help to bring toxins out of an organism and completely will relax all body.

during holidays travel more. You not only will broaden the horizons, but also completely will distract from the current problems.

Register to the pool. Swimming strengthens all muscles of a body and in too time well weakens. And in the relaxed body of a stress does not happen.

If work sedentary, then it is necessary to move more to a time off - to go on foot, to do morning jog, morning exercises.

At work it is desirable for span to do each hour a five-minute break to distract, walk, warm up hands, a neck and legs.

Sex very well dissolves a stress. Therefore do not neglect of

Take a shower in the morning and in the evening. The shower in combination with a massage nozzle well refreshes, encourages and allows to switch attention.

Surely reward yourself for any made work, especially heavy. It can be something tasty from food, or pleasant purchase. Be able to indulge yourself.

Arrange sometimes to yourself fasting days that to do nothing. Or to do only that there is a wish. Even the computer is needs reset. As they say, the one who is able to have a rest well well works. by

Choose for yourself the most convenient ways for removal of a stress and introduce them in the life. If you do not like to run, try swimming or yoga. Look what is pleasant to you more. In general, never lead more active lifestyle, and then a stress you will concern.

When work - pleasure, life - it is good! When work - a duty, life - slavery! (M. Gorky)