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How to help birds to endure cold weather? Features of feeding of city birds of

the small forest birds who are Regularly wintering in a midland, in principle, got used to rely only on themselves in search of winter livelihood. But at emergence of especially difficult weather conditions the help of the person to them always by the way: it is enough to fill with it literally a third of a daily diet - and birds will not be gone for hunger any more.

And here winter nomads are bullfinches, sviristel, thrushes are ryabinnik, goldfinches, porridge, tap dances and others - feeding troughs practically do not get used to ours because they long are not late anywhere, constantly flying from place to place in search of the main forage - fruits of trees, bushes and weeds. Therefore we can help them, without gathering absolutely for the needs fruits of these plants.

For example, the handsome bullfinches, thrushes and sviristel prefer fruits of a mountain ash, a lilac, an ash-tree, a hawthorn, the ashkey of a maple, even white bubbles of a snezhnoyagodnik. Goldfinches, tap dances, porridge eat seeds of weeds.

But there is one more category of the birds wintering near the person is city birds : sparrows, pigeons, ducks. Without human participation it is very difficult for them to survive as at this time in the nature there are practically no forages necessary for them. Trash cans and dumps do not solve a problem of good livelihood therefore it is necessary to feed up these city birds.

Grain mixes from pet-shop will be suitable for them, it is possible to buy in the market grain - wheat, barley, it is possible to give grain - pearl-barley and oat (or dense oat flakes), the crude millet, in a small amount not fried sunflower seeds and white loaf.

There are products which are contraindicated to birds. to

In - the first not to give anything salty or fried! the Removing system at birds is not so developed to cope with salt therefore there is banal poisoning from a salt surplus in an organism. The fried food is very harmful to a liver from - for the structure of fats changing when frying.

In - the second, it is impossible to give black bread though they also will eat it. The matter is that black bread has the increased acidity, rye starch is badly acquired by an organism of birds, in intestines strong fermentation which can lead to a zavorot of guts begins.

In - the third, it is impossible to give the purified millet, or simply millet as on the surface of these kernels cleared of scales there is an oxidation of fats and there are toxic substances and pathogenic microorganisms causing poisoning or a disease of birds. Not without reason in cookery it is always recommended to wash out or soak properly before preparation of dishes this grain.

In - the fourth , I hope, and without reminders clear that the spoiled products will bring nobody benefit , and to a small bird`s organism will be enough absolutely small dose that the deplorable result turned out.

Probably, it is the simplest to organize feeding of sparrows - these little bright pushful persons quickly acquire the place and time of feeding and will appear there strictly on hours. And it is desirable to adhere to the feeding mode very much even concerning any birds - ornithologists so advise.

In principle, pigeons coexist with sparrows quite peacefully and too will quickly join their company. Here only around will maintain purity at the same time difficultly - all - this bird large and on the single does not fly. Therefore for them it is better to arrange some kind of fertilizer platform where - nibud far away from housing. At the same time it is worth observing one nuance: to feed pigeons always in the same clothes ! The matter is that they very quickly get used to appearance of the benefactor and begin to pursue the people dressed similarly waiting for a forage. Agree, it will create certain difficulties for people around. Therefore wise ornithologists give a piece of good advice: approaching the place of feeding, put on some dressing gown over clothes, and leaving - remove it and hide in a package.

If in city line there are nonfreezing reservoirs, then on them packs of wild ducks, as a rule, remain to winter. With their feeding there are certain difficulties: the grains or chicken compound feed thrown into water sink, they need to be poured on ice if there are no special feeding troughs a little shipped in water. Most often and happens - there are no feeding troughs therefore white loaf or not fried sunflower seeds becomes the main forage - these forages in water do not sink and with pleasure are eaten by ducks on pleasure to all feeding.

The separate mention is demanded by one more caste of city birds - crows and she-robbers - sorok. Here who does not need to be fed up as the number of crows in the cities and so reads off scale. These impudent strong birds are omnivorous and promptly breed also without our support, forcing out from the city of small harmless little birds - warblers, chaffinches, nightingales Crows reign on city dumps, sharp-sightedly keeping order and dispersing competitors. And the better they will manage to winter, the their number will increase in the spring more, the stronger they will comb parks and green plantings in search of livelihood, ruining nests not only small birds, but even ducks and protein.

And in conclusion I will remind: if you decided to feed birds, then it is necessary to do it regularly, gradually and only a fresh forage. And there you look - and frosts will recede, will blow softly in the spring, grateful little birds will scatter to build the new family happiness then to please us with songs and to help with pest control of plants.