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Whether your cat uses a tray?

Quite often come across announcements: “I will sell (I will give) in a good charge of a kitten (a cat, a cat). It is accustomed to use a tray“. Demand for that cat`s that are already able to use a tray, above, than on those whom it should be taught.

Each potential koshkovladelets represents what is work - to be explained to an animal that anywhere - it is impossible, and it is possible only in one concrete place.

But it happens that cannot be explained in any way. Or even - the cat, already, apparently, accustomed to a tray, suddenly unexpectedly refuses it, and no forces did possible to return her back to a civilization.

I will tell you a cat`s story. About a cat and her tray.

We got our cat at solid age of six and a half months, already accustomed to a tray. And even with a dowry - that tray. She was extremely civilized, never made surprises in not put places and even if the toilet (where its tray was established) was incidentally closed so that it could not enter there, then the cat patiently sat under a door and waited when, at last, it is let in, sometimes disclosing the apartment shouts. But “to leave marks“ at least under this door - never!

So one and a half years proceeded, and then there was a misfortune - the cat fell from a balcony. It broke very strongly, nevertheless the ninth floor moreover and caught a cold. It practically could not go: not only that weakness, so also partially paralyzed hinder legs. And here in such state the cat stubborn aspired to a tray. As soon as there was a need, it crept there.

We do not punish animals, somehow here the hand is not raised. The maximum expression of discontent - words. So the cat had no fear of punishment. And nevertheless it crept to a tray. It was necessary to establish watch at the right time to carry a cat to a tray, she not only could not reach it (eventually, the tray could be put near it), but even to get through a side.

And here the cat recovered! She refused an odeyalny nest and a heater, and even back pads practically recovered. What our amazement when we understood was: cat`s recovery was marked by absolutely unexpected event - she refused a tray! And to very curious manners: behind “wet“ it still went to a tray, but here for some reason by all means spread a small group in other place - on a carpet in a drawing room, about the TV.

We tried everything, except physical punishment and evident demonstration. We even brought a neighbour`s Rottweiler and persuaded him to mark problem part of a carpet. We watered an unfortunate carpet with acetic essence and exhausted on it the mountain of lemons. When I saw how the cat plays with a stopper of a bottle with this damned suffocating essence, we understood that it is a way in anywhere. We tried to move a tray to a drawing room - what will only not make for a favourite cat! But is not present. Everything remained still. And then we went to a last resort - handed over a carpet in a dry-cleaner.

The cat suffered days. She sat in a drawing room, with melancholy looking at the favourite place. She was silent, but the look was absolutely suffering. For the second day it began to vzmyavkivat and scrape a pad a floor in that place where it usually left a small group. Then became silent and laid down near the treasured place. In the first day after departure of a carpet she refused food, and then and drink.

I do not know, maybe, someone also could sustain it. We - could not. The husband - long live his memory! - remembered that on a balcony the old carpet path from a hall lies. This by miracle not thrown out path was immediately taken from a locker and is outspread along the TV. The cat rushed to her as drowning to a straw.

All family we stood around and watched how the cat finally spoils carpet rags. This minute the destiny of a carpet in a drawing room was decided.

Since then “tray“ - an oilcloth on which the piece of a carpet lies is at the treasured cat`s place. It is characteristic that when guests come and this “tray“ cleans up from eyes down with, the cat does not express the slightest protest, and quietly uses a tray that still costs in a toilet. But - only at guests.

But! Still any cat`s surprises in other places. In total - in a strict order. “Wet“ - in a usual tray, “dry“ - in “carpet“. So I with a clear conscience claim that we have no problems! Our cat perfectly is able to use a tray! It - is civilized!

I have a familiar cat who as a tray recognizes exclusively old sports pants of the head of family. And these trousers have to lie for some reason only in a hall, about a door in a nursery. If suddenly they are moved, then the cat immediately drags “tray“ into place. However, at the same time forgets to drag also an oilcloth so owners try to observe subordination and not to move “tray“. It is interesting that new sports pants do not suit a cat, by all means - from the owner, by all means - worn not less than a month (it is established by practical consideration).

There is a cat who stubborn spoiled in master`s slippers. And only in right. As it distinguished right from left - the secret covered with a gloom. The problem was resolved when the old slipper was placed in a cat`s tray. Since then in a family the world and rest, and the whole slippers. Periodically “lotochny“ footwear is replaced, and all are happy - both a cat, and owners.

So if your cat refuses to use a tray, but she has some favourite place for placement of “surprises“, then try to offer her “tray“ of other look. But for a start - move a usual tray on the favourite cat`s place. If it does not help, so a question not only with the place, but also in the form of a tray.

It is always simpler to listen to a cat, than to argue with her. To look for a compromise. We do not know what reasons at a cat. Perhaps she thus fights against a geopathogenic zone in the apartment, or perhaps still that. We - do not know. But the cat knows. Means, it and cards (and also carpets, slippers, trousers and all the rest) in paws as the most knowing.

And then, by and large there is no special difference what form at a tray. And often even - where it is located (if only not near a bed!) . The main thing - to prevent emergence of cat`s “surprises“ in unexpected places. And for this purpose it is quite often necessary not just to carry out educational work, but also to understand that is wanted by a cat.