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What do you know about Maslenitsa? Maslenitsa - a farewell to winter!

Maslenitsa - a holiday pagan. People then worshipped a great number of gods. Main of gods there was god of the sun - Yarilo. This holiday remained after adoption of Christianity and reached up to now. Maslenitsa is celebrated one week prior to the Lent. This week is called meat-fare, cheese as these days meat is not tasted. This holiday is perceived by people as a meeting of winter with spring which brought revival and a solar heat in the nature. Very much read the Sun which gave life and strength to all live.

For the first day of a holiday made a big straw doll - Maslenitsa, dressed up it in a caftan, a cap and carried on sledge. Decorated cart wheel, carried on a pole on streets. In Russia was considered that these actions asked the sun that it was kinder and well heated the earth.

The most traditional dish for Maslenitsa were and is - pancakes. Pancakes simple, rich, barmy were concerned: wheat, millet, buckwheat, semolina and so on. They were with honey, jam, sour cream and different stuffings. Our ancestors believed that together with toasted, round pancake which was a sun symbol they eat a part of its heat. Was considered if the holiday took place cheerfully and loosely - life will be joyful and in prosperity! And if not to amuse for Maslenitsa in plenty - to live in bitter trouble!

On markets, fairs everyone could find to itself(himself) an entertainment to taste. Here to you and red salmon, salmon, sudachya caviar, cheeses, sour cream, golden oil. Near a counter with sweets there were a lot of happy children. Figured gingerbreads, caramels, nuts in sugar, tasty hot pies, pancakes. Saw also sbiten, the prepared from water, yeast, honey and horse-radish, fragrant tea from the boiling samovars.

On streets there were also such entertainments as fisticuffs: measured swords, but by strict and fair rules. Constructed a swing, arranged representations of puppeteers. Competed in force and dexterity: placed into the square the column poured by water to which top the prize was attached. How many the laughter, jokes, fun was when volunteers stormed a smooth column. Rode also the sledge harnessed by the three of horses with bells. The cheerful winter holiday is loved by the people.

Children also took part in all entertainments together with adults with pleasure. Rode a sled from ice slopes, skates, skis. Built snow towns with towers, gate. Adults and children were divided into groups and stormed gate of neighbors and protected the. Though many had wet clothes, but all joyful and cheerful!

For Maslenitsa pancakes baked the whole week, treated relatives and acquaintances. And the holiday on Sunday came to an end. Burned a doll this day. The ancient ceremony was followed by dancings, songs, round dances. Ashes were disseminated across the field that there was a rich harvest. Up to now the Christian fine custom remained: in the evening on Sunday people each other asked forgiveness, even without fault that the soul was exempted from offenses, revenges, the evil, all thin, dashing and crafty. Therefore Sunday Proshchyony is called. And in time the Lent it is necessary to think over himself, the sins, life.