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“Smells Like Teen Spirit“ or How the soul of the teenager smells? To birthday of Kurt Cobain

Very long ago I did not see on streets of the cities of flocks of young people in undershirts with Kurt Cobain`s face and the inscription NIRVANA. The youth had new idols, style grunge made a noise and exhausted, NIRVANA passed into the category of classics, and its hits - holy Christ! - in the category of bottoms - music.

On “Smells Like Teen Spirit“ do the most unimaginable covers - here and touchingly - the royalny version of Tori Amos, both the silent pridzhazovanny version of Ituana, and the stylish respectable version of Paul Anka.

It is necessary to tell that my personal relation to creativity of NIRVANA does not shine with originality. My small collection includes practically all official hits which lion`s share treat an album “Nevermind“ which at the beginning of 1990 - x literally stirred up a bog fate - music, covered by brown ooze of a heva - metal. I will add also what to listen to several songs of the NIRVANA in a row for me tiresomely though separately each of them impresses and gives the sea of adrenaline. Generally, this time my opinion completely coincides with public, and hits about which the story will go are familiar to much and much.

Unusual synthesis of punk rage, metal weight and bottoms - a melodics became one of Kurt Cobain`s opening (later similar cocktail from industrial, metal and electronic engineers will make RAMMSTEIN). However, the first album NIRVANA “Bleach“ (1989) still quite fitted into an alternativshchina framework though already and had that special “siettlovsky“ sound. It was written down for only 600 dollars, but sold in such copies, quite good for young group, that for the right to sign with it the contract several labels competed. The tender won Geffen label, and the group sat down for record of a new album. Its material was so perspective that several songs applied for a role of a penetrative hit.

The song which Curt first christened “Anthem“ (“Anthem“) as if feeling that it will be called “the anthem of generation“ soon was one of them. But the song with such name was found in BIKINI KILL group. It was necessary to replace pathetic “Anthem“ with more ironic “Smells of teenage spirit“ (“Smells Like Teen Spirit“). There was such brand of a deodorant for teenagers - “Teen Spirit“ - released by Mennen firm. And Cobain`s girlfriend - Cathleen Hang - somehow took and wrote on a wall of his house: “Curt smells of Teen Spirit“. She meant that it became permeated with the smell of a deodorant which his girl Toby Vail used. Curt beheld a deep meaning in this phrase, and learned about the name of a deodorant only after a release of the song. But the firm fairly warmed hands on such free advertizing.

Not only that the sense of a song and in itself was dark, so Curt still added to fog the extremely muffled singing. Subsequently some radio stations will not want to take the song in air, motivating with the fact what cannot be caught that Curt sings (and suddenly something bad?) .
However, words served in the song only as addition - all main thing was concluded in music. Especially struck transition when monotonous “square“ of a couplet literally blew up a furious roar of a refrain (Curt uses this reception still more than once).

Smells of teenage spirit

(S. Kuriya Lane) of

Load trunks and call friends
It cool - to lose and pretend to be.
She misses and is very self-confident,
But I know one dirty word...

Hi, hi... Lousy to you?

With the turned-off light everything is not so terrible.
Here we and here. Entertain us. I feel
Ya silly and infectious.
Here we and here. Entertain us.
my libido.

I am bad that I do best of all -
Ya is blessed this gift. our small group played
I will be always - till the end.

And I forgot why I try it.
Ah yes, seems, it forces me to smile.
Ya found it with such work, it is so difficult to find it.
All right, do not get into the head...

When the producer of group of Butch the Whig heard this power masterpiece, it became clear to it that to push in hits. He spoke: “I just came off, listening to it. I jumped on all room“. It is amusing that the bass player of group - Chris Novoselich - the song first did not estimate, at first Curt had only a riff and a “wild“ refrain. Preparation began to be given a dry run and did it whole an hour and a half.

Chris Novoselich:
“Here I thought: minute why don`t we play it slightly more slowly. Then I began to play a couplet, and Dave began to play on percussions“.

as a result when “Smells Like Teen Spirit“ was licked into shape, all were delighted, and the song became really collective creation.
However, workers of a label of Geffen considered as more perspective the song “Lounge Act“ (by the way, really, an excellent bagatelle). But the group and the producer insisted on the, motivating in many respects with the fact that on the song the video is already shot.

On an initial plan of Curt of video had to express visually all teenage thirst for anarchy put in song music. Therefore in the appointed day the young growth from fans and students who had to represent storming mass meeting jammed into the gym of college. They began to storm already long before shootings, as a result nearly trampled Cobain and at the same time pulled together a guitar of the bass player and a plate of the drummer.
Probably, it was worth it - spirit and a nonsense of teenagers in the clip shone in all beauty. The raging crowd in smoke waste, the cherlidersh dashingly dancing with an anarchy badge on undershirts and the going bananas cleaner (it, by the way, the real cleaner of an office of directors Antonio de la Rosa played).

Nevertheless, Curt remained is dissatisfied with the first version of the clip, quarreled with the director Sam Breyer and remounted all. Not so long ago early version of the clip emerged on the Internet and still walks somewhere on a torrent - to networks (it can be distinguished on the timer running in a corner and scenes with the dancing four-eyes).

The official clip “Smells Like Teen Spirit“ unexpectedly easily passed on MTV. Only videos started up air as in studio began to call with the requirement “Still! Still!“. As a result in day it was necessary to twist it on 5 - 6 times. It ended with the fact that in 1992 the group snipped off the prize MTV for “the best alternative video“.

Stebalshchik Jankovic right there shot the parody “Smells Like Nirvana“ where the crowd not only comes off, but also tears off any parts of a body in madness, rams low, Cobain sings with the filled mouth etc. Left even more anarchically, than in the original!
Success let out in September, 1991. did not concede a single to success of the clip. The first 50 thousand copies were swept away from counters for few days, and by April, 1992 - go the single became platinum (i.e. sold of one million copies).

Fuel to the fire was added also by the second single “Come As You Are“ (“Come such what you are“) where under melancholic Cobain hypnotizing a riff it is freezed sang the next muddy text.

Come such what you are

(Marina Matveeva Lane) of

Come such what you are and what you were,
Such what I want that you became
As the friend, as the friend, as the old enemy
do not hurry, hurry up
It is your choice, be not late.
Have a rest as the friend, as old memory.
Come, all to dirt, impregnated with lime,
Such what I want that you became
As a trend as the friend, as old memory
I Swear, I am unarmed,
Yes, I is unarmed.

the author not really wanted to publish this song a single, and it had for this purpose powerful bases - the well-known riff, in fact, was pulled down by Curt from the song “Eighties“ of KILLING JOKE 1984 group - go years of release. The robbed musicians pointed to this fact in interview more than once, but, in my opinion, business did not come to court. By the way, echoes of this riff, personally to me to be heard also in not less famous song PRODIGY “Breath“ of 1996...
Is clear that on “Come As You Are“ the video was right there shot (cut. Kevin Kersleyk) with washed away (as on a cover of CURE “Pornography“) persons, the sinking revolver and the four-months Spencer Elden floating behind the dollar got on a hook. The photo of the greedy baby removed on a cover of an album “Nevermind“ and became in many respects prophetical.

In January, 1992 the album sat at top of the American top, having dumped Michael Jackson`s “Dangerous“ from there. Unkempt losers in a flash turned in rich bottoms - stars. All creative philosophy of Kurt Cobain was in an irreconcilable contradiction with too the big glory which fell to it upon the head.

Kurt Cobain: “I could not understand
why around my name such sensation rose. When I wrote the songs, for 90% was sure that they have no relation to commerce. It is sad that the NIRVANA got to this smelly whirlpool of a mainstream. Sometimes ask me what I feel, having become the first room in “Billborda“? Yes the same, as number the sixteenth. A difference only that more people try to lick to you a bum“.
As we already know

, the wealth and glory did not bring to restless soul of Curt of happiness, and one of a set of the “trunks“ mentioned in songs was realized and knocked out to the leader of NIRVANA brains. The punk - the fate helping to survive to the school outsider - to the boy Curt, could not help the priest - a star to Cobain.
But the album “Nevermind“ which brought unexpected glory still does not leave any list of the best albums of the 20th century.

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