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That it to listen?

of the Novelty of audiobooks, for some reason, do not promise respectable interest as printing best-sellers of 2012 - go, but loudly remind us of works which were not located on the central shelves of book networks. As it is not strange
, for the first month of the current year more than two hundred books are written already down at what many of them are pioneers of classical genres.
1. Robert Bloch “Psychosis 2“
Fans of mysticism of Robert Bloch, exult! The sequel of the thriller which became a basis for a monochrome masterpiece of Alfred Hitchcock is released in an audioformat. Now not only knigoyeda can savor an image of the cult maniac.
From the first part of the trilogy is known to us that Norman poisoned mother. This loss affected its mentality. Norman Bates suffering from a split personality gets to psychiatric hospital.
In the second book the author slightly opened a veil of morals of the psychopath. Now in the forefront the progressing maniacal illness of the hero and crisis of its relations with society.
Bates runs from psychiatric hospital. The fugitive is considered as the dead.
Hollywood decides to start shootings about the psychopath`s life, and the movie would be ready for a long time if not doubts in his death.
2. Andrey Livadny “Death zone. Staltekh“
Next novel “stalkerovsky“ of a series. Mechanoides, electromatrixes, sensors, say, technogenic adishche. The audioversion completely immerses you in the world of ruthless resistance of nanocars and people. “Staltekh“ surprisingly quickly acquaints the beginner with the “cyberfantastic“ subject. Automatically the listener becomes the faithful companion and somewhere even Maxim`s applicant - the main character and the beginning stalker. Falls down his shoulders all most terrible tests what the sophisticated author could only describe.
Passing through spaces, “all-consuming Knot“, abnormal zones and technogenic accidents, a strong texture of the subject line with “A titanic rod“ - in total in the spirit of Livanov, all “on - stalkerovsk“.
3. Emil Zola “Ladies` happiness“ of
New format life acquires also the novel of the nineteenth century “Ladies` happiness“. Paris. An imbalance in the trade markets. Poverty. Suddenly business - the industry rushes into the country. Transformation of market system is shown by the author through history of young Deniza which arrived from the province to the capital of France. The girl gets up for a counter of new department store and, thanks to gut economic feeling, her affairs go uphill.
the Announcer of the audiobook the woman (Olga Zyuzina) that does listening by juicier, and after this touching and interesting. In the audiobook laborious work of Zola &ndash is noticeable; the sensitive attitude of the author towards heroes is notable. Masterful transfer of the atmosphere of that era made “Ladies` happiness“ one of darlings the novel of French.
4. Hans Jacob Christoffel von Grimmelsgausen “Simplitsissimus“
bears the Reminder on former picaresque romances in himself the audioversion of well forgotten, once popular adventure history of one boy. (Indiana Jones would envy such travel.) During the wanderings Simplitsissimus tried on a role of the page of the governor, policeman of the monastery, the soldier, singer and not only. Record of the book Grimmelsgauzena turned out adventurous, fresh and fervent.
Is possible, Erisanova Irina`s postscoring will seem to someone hardish for such naughty plot. But after the first five minutes the novel will dip you into the world of destructive war on which waves young Simplitsissimus maneuvres, the one who here - here will please on reeves.
5. Lucie Maud Montgomery “Ania from Avonlei“ 2012 are not so ruthless
of the Novelty to fans of easy reading matter and - la Francoise Sagan. The one who got used to a static reflection of purple of poppies fluffy clouds, and aroma of a mint lawn can enjoy romantic history of the young seductress Ania. In this book to it 16 years (“Anne of Green Gables“ the book the first, there heroin 11), it as if the blossomed flower which smells sweet on pages of the novel. But, of course, not everything in life of the little lady is so carefree. Her head is stuffed by household problems, besides, Ania (Ann) wants to graduate at Redmond university.
This book one of the few to which it is worth listening in it is a certain color.
6. Friedrich Nietzsche “A morning star“ of
to Perceive Nietzsche aurally occupation very interesting, but it is improbable that its philosophy will get into consciousness of the listener. But, was was! Wrote down. Probably creators of the MP3 version took the popularity of the philosopher growing by leaps and bounds into account.
Nietzsche`s Book - this potpourri of the interconnected judgments which represent philosophical thought of the author. It is necessary to notice that through all works of Nietzsche there is a peculiar diffusion. The knowledge of work “On that side of the good and evil“ will help to understand “A morning star“, and having read both books, “Antikhristianin“ will seem not such heavy for perception.
Gets acquainted with “A morning star“ in audio it is not recommended. Record is suitable for secondary digestion of “jeweler art of the word“.

Besides fiction this year the new format was found again by trainings, grants, already familiar for listeners, and training. The market of audioservices gains steam. Today it is possible to buy desirable CD in any bookstore or the Internet. Listen with pleasure.