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Why you will not begin new life since Monday? I Remember

, in the childhood parents always said to me that I did not begin any affairs in the evening. Tomorrow is a new day. Only an ill luck - as it became clear, I am a typical owl, I think with great difficulty in the morning, and therefore put and in general any undertakings postponed next day usually came to an end in a total failure or were given me by heavy work.

After receipt in institute of an opportunity to postpone affairs for morning most often it did not appear (when, for example, it was necessary to learn two more thirds of the textbook, and tomorrow examination). And here strangeness - at night all went like clockwork. To what I all this? Being guided by manuals of parents and grandmothers, postponing the affairs next day, gradually I got preventing me to achieve the habit objectives.

At first this fine phrase “I will think of it tomorrow“, then not less fine “I will begin since Monday“, well and, of course, “In new year …“. Looking back, now you understand, it is what is the time missed.

It would seem, nothing prevented to learn pair of languages, to try different types of sport, to read hundreds of the most interesting books, to become a few rebel, to stay the good child, to learn something interesting and to tell all about it … All have dreams, plans, grandiose imaginations which are safely postponed in “a long box“ that forever there and to remain.

Videla on the Internet results of poll of the population - whether believe people that in the winter of this year there will come the doomsday? It appears, 90% do not trust. Consider it as nonsense. But, I think, it is not a doomsday.

How you consider if we with absolute reliability learned that in several months we are fated to die, would change the life? Would become the presents? Would be engaged in really important issues? I am afraid that is not present.

A time of people postpones a certain business from - for the fact that it to it is unpleasant, uninteresting, exigeant. We do not postpone holiday for many years, and viewing of the favourite movie for months. Another is surprising. Why people postpone things which are really important and interesting to them? Though that it I... Perhaps, it is not so surprising - the latent fear of a failure constrains us on the way to dream.

Psychologists speak, there are two strategy of behavior of people: avoiding of failures when the person shirks in all ways performance of the steps conducting to the purpose because is afraid that nothing will leave, and strategy of achievement of success - for those who fall, but get up and go further.

Division, of course, conditional as well as, for example, on optimists and pessimists - at each person there is both that, and another. But how to take courage to take a step directly here and now, without waiting for Monday - new year - tomorrow?

It is possible to give advice from the series “begin with small“ or “find the friend for joint performance“, but for the person doubting it there will be just words. Good words, useful, but all the same just words. No arrangements and positive examples will convince the person that he should tear off the bum from a sofa - and at it at once everything will turn out.

Yes will not be, the success comes only to persistent. Therefore if the person himself really will not want, he will not do it. Even if it is pleasant to the person, and it seems it would even be desirable. Until he feels in himself of force it will not try and seek to sustain a failure - to dream.

I very much respect people who found in themselves enough courage and forces for the embodiment of the dream. Such people are surprising and, unfortunately, are rare. There is no universal decision for all people. Someone will be helped by sports activities, to others - a time - management, and the third will recover after holiday.

Anything and nobody, except ourselves, is imperious to relieve of fear of failure, however if to keep thinking of how it will be healthy if everything turns out … Is not present

, not so! If to keep thinking of that, when everything will turn out as it will be fine and healthy, then and it will be not so heavy and terrible to go towards the aim. Good luck!