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How to endure a rupture of the relations?

Nothing is eternal. Even love. Sometimes it seems that you on a right way that already met that, unique and only man on light, and it turns out that it was the mistake. Deception. Misunderstanding. It leaves, leaving you all alone, and you cannot understand in any way what occurred.

Why everything ended? Where feelings got to? And the most important question - how to live further?

Of course when the love dies - it is very sick. Especially, if feelings not just die away and descend on “no“, and tear out them with a root, break or destroy without regret. It is difficult to endure a rupture of the relations. Psychologists removed a formula which specifies that pain will last twice longer, than lasted love. Unfairly. But you with it will not be reconciled? You will not begin to sit and wait when it becomes easier for you? No. You will act. Quickly and with full responsibility. Quite so. Because you are responsible for yourself. Only in your hands your life. And if you suddenly remained alone, then, perhaps, costs to you which - what to rethink and realize that everything is correct. And had to be because these relations were initially doomed.

the Stage 1

If you decided to understand that occurred, then this very wise decision. However you should not be engaged in a heart-searching. It is a way in “anywhere“. At most, what you will achieve, - it will get a couple of complexes. Yet time did not come. You will draw conclusions later for now you need to distract.

Look at yourself in a mirror. To whom you are similar? On the victim which drove into a corner? On the person from whom took away sense of existence to which broke heart? Do not feel sorry for yourself, is not necessary. It is an excess waste of time and nerves. You do not know, what would be farther, if everything did not end? Perhaps, then you would have really real reason for regrets. Do not think why all so turned out. Just accept as the fact - all. Finita la comedy. End. Or beginning?

Of course, it is only start. Beginning of new life, new fulfillments, victories, purposes, new meetings and appointments. Relations, eventually. From now on you are free and can do what were afraid to think earlier of. Start!

Your darling adored blondes? Or it liked real ladies? Perhaps, he hated what you eat in a bed? Ah. Here to you and the list put for the next days: a hairdressing salon, shops, a couple of magazines and surely a roll, cakes or sunflower seeds (it is obligatory to use in horizontal position). The new hair color, several thoughtless dresses, hairpins or pink gym shoes (depending on mood) will be able to lighten you mood. Check. Just change the reality. You need to move further.

the Stage 2

At this stage at you can appear embitternment. Yes, you will begin to realize that your prince, perhaps, was at all not that whom seemed. You will feel the real offense. As though instead of the expected one million presented you a multi-colored candy wrapper. During this period of time it will be better if you instead of making nonsenses and to scratch a seditious word by its car, collect all its gifts and you will carry them on a garbage can. To you to anything former memoirs. Do not feel sorry for a thing. Regret better than. To waste time for sufferings - here that the most terrible, and at all not that some there man got a false idea that without you it is much better for it.

the Stage 3

Is possible

when you approach a trash can with gifts former, you will enter the third stage of parting - a regret. It will become grieves you to throw out things. You will begin to sigh and remember how it was good at the same time the guy that threw you. Well, truth, well. But it will be even better. Be not sorry, clear the memory. Then you will tell yourself thanks.

If it is heavy to you to make the decision, then I will help you. Imagine that you love sausage. It lies at you in the refrigerator and pleases with the look. Everything is seemingly good, but you begin to feel that sausage smells slightly. Then you notice that it becomes covered by a mold and shrinks. Next time, when you will open the refrigerator, you will be terrified from a smell. Such comparison is not clear to you? I will explain. If the expiration date of the relations came to an end, then there is no sense to hold them in the heart. Throw out the gone sausage and go to yourself quietly to shop. Ah yes, do not forget to wash up the refrigerator with soda.

the Stage 4

the Most important at this stage after a rupture of the relations - communication. You do not stay at home at all. You do not long, and visit the friends better, you descend on pies to parents, register to the gym. The most ideal option is new acquaintances. To update life and will get rid of the past, you need new characters in your history to life. Ask the friends to acquaint you with somebody or go to driving lessons. Look for any opportunities for yourself. No, you do not need to get the new relations at all (only if it turns out somehow in itself). But you need to lead full life, but not to stay or prolezhivat days without a break on a sofa at the TV. To you nobody will compensate the spent time, and sometime you will regret about it.

the Stage 5

There now, perhaps, is the last stage. There came that time when you have to think of what occurred. Now your mind is not stirred up by offense, bitterness of disappointment or hatred. You are free. But to live further, you have to realize that led to a gap. I am sure that everything quickly will rise on the places. You just will understand that the man who left you was not that, only at all. No, he, perhaps, was very much even a good person. Yes almost sacred! But it was not for you. Just the hero not from that fairy tale.

It by mistake got on pages of your life and could there by mistake and remain. Here only this fairy tale would not turn into the awful thriller? You have nothing to be sorry, there is nobody. Truth. You remember that “if to another the bride leaves, then it is unknown who was lucky“.

Good luck to you! Love and be happy!