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What does the woman want from the man?

All of us can dream. And the most courageous dreams that we cherish, - about the one who is fated to become our second half. But the childhood passes. And at some moment it is necessary to recognize that it is necessary to live on - to the adult, to work in the life most, but not to wait when the prince charming falls down you.

Of course, successful marriage begins long before an altar. It is hardly worth speaking about need to think and weigh with whom you are going to connect the life. Clever it is so known, silly not be listened. But if the woman found the man meeting the expectations of the good husband on it their relations do not come to an end. I will tell you about those (quite clear to men) requirements which, I think, many women could show to the partner. So, one after another.

1. The man has to be beautiful. Postoyte, you will tell, the man has enough “to be a little more beautiful than monkey“. But I speak not about natural data, and about ability to contain them in a decent look. Probably, it would be a shame to you if your wife appeared before guests in a fragmentary dressing gown, not brushed and with dirty nails.

Believe, your blessed it is also a shame if, leaving in the morning, you forgot to use a deodorant and cologne if you brushed the hair with a hand “and so will descend“. Or, gathering, took off from a chair a wrinkled sweater instead of getting the washed and ironed clothes from the shelf.

By the way, explain to me, bad, please: what the superstitious fear of a clothes case is? Rats are not found there, and the Baba-yaga does not sit there (itself checked). But, on my supervision, many married men simply are afraid to look there.

All right, we will return to beauty subject, and is more concrete - to shaving. The shaved husband or with a beard - a matter of taste. But all right, please, or regularly to have a shave, or to keep the front signs of courage in an order. And the joke “the administrator brushes a beard only on holidays“ is not a justification.

2. The man has to be clever and interesting. Remember, what do you think of talk on belongings, cosmetics and soap operas. With rare exception women also treat soccer, talk on cars and on how long you wetted that ghoul in “Stalker“. As to uninteresting, and at times and silly attributes of an opposite sex. No, if you like soccer, there is nothing shameful in it, but it is necessary to be able to speak also about something another.

Such is the rule of family life: you have to have general subjects for conversation, otherwise your marriage will turn into separate existence of two people. Nobody forces you to read “War and peace“ from cover to cover. But some level of culture is desirable. By the way, it will help you also with professional development. For anybody not a secret that on higher status step is allowed only when you on erudition correspond to the people who are there. Workers at the machine argue on one things, board members - on absolutely others.

3. The man has to be perspective.... Do not show the teeth, I speak not about yachts and country houses on Caribbean Islands. But the man needs to move somewhere in the life, somewhere to aspire, to develop in professional sense. The rare modern woman will be quite happy if her husband for the rest of life remains the turner 1 - go the category. It seems, here our desires coincide, unless is not present?

4. The man has to be the good host. Your wife can twist a bulb and is able to repair cranes? But same does not say that she is always obliged to do it. Think: your spouse, probably, too all day at work, as well as you. So why you, coming home, can have a rest, and it has to continue to plow, doing all homework? Even if your darling sits in the decree or is a housewife, then it does not mean that she has a rest the whole day and she does not need to be helped. In order to avoid quarrels and disputes it will be better if you agree at once who what work in a family performs by default and what work you can do serially, so to speak, occasionally.

5. The man has to be the good father. From you hardly anyone - nibud waits for feats of single fathers. And here to take a walk with the kid at the weekend, to teach him to ride the bicycle, everyone is capable to pay it a little attention.

6. The man has to be attentive and romantic. Here not the amount of attention, but its quality is important even. One my acquaintance made mad success at women only because their was able to be “a plakatelny pillow“. Romanticism and attention for women are often also vital as sex for men.

Try to imagine that you have no sex three years. In general. And five? And twenty? Presented? The horror chill on a body passed? So why to deprive of darling of equivalent requirement?

By the way, from lack of romanticism legs at all typically female charges grow: “You not that whom I married“ or “The attitude towards me at you not such as then“. Then is when you just met when it was not yours owing to the press in the passport when it was top which you needed to subdue. When you did not luxuriate at this top yet, is lazy resting on laurels of the winner.

And, I ask you, do not ask silly questions it seems “That you want that I made?“ They only irritate. Romanticism and attention for the woman is not a reality. It is not a visit of restaurant, not a bouquet of flowers, not a new fur coat. This how she with the man feels, what tone he speaks “I love you“, as he embraces. Try to remember how you felt when you only began to build the relations. If you will be able, then you will not need to speak as how to do. You will also know it so.

7. And, at last, most important: the man has to be able to see. People - not microwaves with the instruction for application, and, quite perhaps, your darling expects from you several other actions and qualities.

It is necessary only to be able to see, listen and understand. Be happy.