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KP 22. How is today brother of the legendary revolver of the Revolver system?

Well live. Replaced a name, caliber and instead of pre-revolutionary “piece of wood“ got a beautiful bed and a modern “orthopedic“ butt. Is on sale freely from a warehouse of the Izhevsk arsenal in the presence of the license for the cut weapon. Costs not much, about 400 American evergreen pieces of paper plus service of delivery by special communication. And, speak, buy …

So, KP 22. The weapon under a “melkashechny“ cartridge remade from a revolving carbine of the Revolver system. Is the well-known revolver of the Revolver system obr. 1895, with the extended trunk and a wooden butt. It was specially created even before revolution for the separate case of frontier guards. I casually mentioned this interesting weapon in article “How many the Revolver revolver serves? Hundred years and more …“: “Very few people know, but the Revolver system revolver, it not only the gun, but also... carbine. Or rather, the same gun, but with a butt and very long trunk“.

The name is deciphered simply: “KR“ carbine revolving, “22“ calibers 22LR.

Reference. “. 22 LR (English long rifle - long rifle, 5,6õ15 mm of R) - the small-caliber unitary boss of ring ignition 22 - go caliber (5,6 mm).

The cartridge for the hunting purposes, is applied both in rifles, and in guns. It is made for rifles, generally for the hunting and sports purposes, and for guns - for trenirovochno - the sports purposes, occasionally - self-defenses. From - for low energy and too abrupt trajectory of a bullet this boss is suitable only for production of a small game (a squirrel, a sable) at short distances“.

Source: Wikipedia.

So it is not enough official data on this weapon that it was necessary to get data on particles from weapon forums.

Well, in - the first, a cartridge. As it is told in Wikipedia, it is possible to hunt with such ammunition unless a small game which becomes in our woods and fields less. The shoulder does not pull such gun, even the loaded KP 22 weighs only 2 kg (approximately as the hunting revolver “Colt Python“ with a trunk 8 inches long). The ramrod - an extractor with which delete shot sleeves represents “such copperplated poker“ which should be carried separately! It on hunting - where it is so easy it, this poker to lose!

In - the second, pre-revolutionary assembly not of the best quality, was finally finished by “sovok“ alteration. To reduce caliber from 7,62 mm (an original Revolver) to 5,6 mm, iron tubes are hammered into a trunk and kamor of a drum. Everything that can “lyuftit“, dangles. At running hunting the drum strongly “knocks“, and at a platoon of a cock well audible click is distributed that frightens careful animals and birds.

If to take such revolving carbine for sports firing, the owner for certain will deeply be disappointed. Quite exact in the original, the remade carbine shows very mediocre results. The reasons of it are covered in the inept alteration which completely destroyed that fine weapon which was an original carbine of the Revolver system:

1. It is known that the bullet in the boss of the revolver the Revolver was pressed in a sleeve, and at a shot such boss moved forward in a trunk and all energy of gases pushed a bullet in the channel of a trunk. In principle, so it also has to be. But in KP 22 in a gap between a drum and a trunk the considerable part of gases breaks, reducing the speed of a bullet of already low-power boss.

2. Side plays, from - for whom the entrance opening of a bullet is made much more widely, the bullet enters a trunk not horizontally, and always under some corner. It, in - the first, reduces bullet speed, in even more - the second, the weapon needs regular cleaning as the bullet coming into a trunk even at a small angle partially grinds off, hammering lots with lead quicker than “usual“. Besides, because of this effect each bullet which is taking off from a trunk has the unique weight and, respectively, the unique trajectory. And if standard dispersion of bullets when firing from rifle TOZ - the 78th caliber. 22 LR - on 70 m makes 3 - 4 cm, the dispersion from KP 22 at distance of only 25 m already exceeds 5 cm. And though some handymen manage to put a riflescope on a carbine, accuracy from it strongly does not increase.

It is very heavy to clean the weapon. The drum does not lean back aside and without special tool is not removed. If, for example, dirt got to a trunk, it is beaten out in a kamor of a drum and then, having turned a drum, shake out as a shot sleeve. From - for installations of a safety lock which is not provided in an original design at the basis of the handle the big crack to which water and dirt sometimes gets was formed. And to clean with great dispatch - the trigger mechanism, it is necessary to remove at first all butt that too “there is no zer gutnut“.

One more claim of modern owners of this “device“. The orthopedic butt with which complete a carbine today is very inconvenient for a cock platoon a thumb. And to shoot a self-platoon, turning a forefinger a drum, it is very heavy. Therefore, as a rule, after purchase the carbine goes to the master at once - to do a usual gun butt without any “trick“.

At all these shortcomings, KP 22 (in “melkashechny“ caliber), as well as the revolver the Revolver, was on arms of private security up to the end 80 - x years. However, then nobody remade a butt and it was quite convenient to shoot from the weapon with a cock platoon a thumb.

Well what to tell in conclusion. As well as the revolver, the Revolver system carbine everything is is devilishly charismatic, despite any shortcomings! As well as other historical weapon, a carbine of KP 22 will take the place in collections of fans of the historical weapon, and it is good that it can be bought though in such “state“ today. Well and to do some shooting on a backyard “on jars“ it will approach too.

All this, unfortunately, what it is capable of. For hunting or sports firing, with other things being equal, it is better to take small-bore rifle TOZ - 78. Also the shop on 10 cartridges shoots more precisely, and, and costs approximately as much.