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Flowers in kitchen? Easily!

would Seem, kitchen not the most suitable place for houseplants. But on what only experiments and tricks not to have to go if you like to part “jungle“ in the apartment, and there is not enough space. By the way, in kitchen very much it is even pleasant to many plants! The main thing - intelligently there to place them. And advantage of them considerable: live plants in kitchen are a natural extract! They easily can cope also with harmful evaporations. How? It is simple “to eat“ them, to absorb in ustiyets of leaves. But, of course, it is necessary to wipe leaves of plants in kitchen much more often than in any other room.

But be not frightened to such prospect - actually all this trifles. Present only what decorating opportunities before you open! And absolutely low-cost.

You want in kitchen modern European style? Place all plants in white clay pots. You wish a country - too easily! It is enough to make with own hands (or lazier option - to smoke) wattled cache-pots. Or wrap up flowerpots bright fabric and tie with a decorative string or a contrast ribbon. One more unusual course - to use bright kitchen utensils instead of a cache-pot. New kitchen - new mood! Present how it will be exciting to look the falls of a tradescantia falling from an old teapot or steam of cactuses in cups.

Of course, the kitchen can become a haven of not all species of plants. Plants with gentle leaflets can suffer very strongly from surplus of heat, the polluted kitchen air, drafts from eternally open window leaf...

Most of all is suitable for the extreme kitchen atmosphere chlorophytums, begonias with decorative leaves, ficuses of all colors, an aloe, a kalanchoe, a sansevieria, a fern, a lemon, coffee, laurels, decorative pepper. You should not place in kitchen of a plant with poisonous juice or a pungent smell.

The blossoming plants (a violet, a gloxinia, a pachystachys.) it is necessary to place only on a window sill - only there for them there will be enough light. There it is necessary to put the plants needing frequent watering. On walls of kitchen, far from a plate, cache-pots with tradescantias and ferns beautifully look. On wall kitchen lockers it is possible to put chlorophytums - they are not fastidious persons and will be quite happy with such arrangement. By the way, it is better plants, than a chlorophytum, for kitchen it is simple not to find! Five - six large and healthy chlorophytums easily can cope in kitchen with an extract role - so well they filter air from dust and harmful evaporations. Only do not place flowerpots too close to a plate and a window leaf.

If you carefully thought over placement of plants in kitchen, then care of them is possible and will definitely not take away a lot of time and forces. The main thing - do not forget about plants which are not on a look. They also need timely watering and top dressing. You remember, flowers which you defined on “PERMANENT RESIDENCE“ on kitchen demand more frequent, than other plants, wipings of leaves a damp sponge, sprayings and “Dressing down“ under a shower.

I hope, you found something to yourself to liking.