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How it is correct to begin to trade on Forex?

Were going to try to trade for Forex? You do not know what to begin with? I can give to you several advice which will secure you in this hard already touchy business.

The first - surely try to trade on a demo - the account with virtual money. This process will not bring special benefit to your trade skills, but you will be able to understand that not so predictable market as tell about it on trainings in the dealing centers. And it is necessary to get acquainted with the terminal thoroughly.

The second - try automatic trade systems. They are called still advisers and experts. You should not buy them. There is a lot of free, and honestly you will be told, between paid and free there is no difference. When there is a new automatic expert, he paid, then when buyers understand that it is not capable of anything, spread it in free access.

Also I want to warn that most of both paid, and free advisers is based on strategy for a casino under the name “dogon“ when after the unprofitable transaction, volume increases twice. Thus, having passed 6 - 7 in a row of the going unprofitable transactions, you completely will lose the money. And such situation sometime, but will occur.

Having passed the second point, you will understand that it is impossible to trust money to automatic robots for trade, as if they were not praised highly by the creators. The second point needs to be carried out also on a demo - the account.

The third . If you, trading on a demo - the account, see that trade goes several months steadily and exactly, the number of unprofitable transactions is rather small, so you are ready for trade on the real account.

But to you it is not necessary to hurry with registration and money transfer. The matter is that our people leave many negative comments on Internet open spaces about dishonesty of the dealing centers. But as it appeared as a result of analysis of many claims from traders, simple ignorance of that document about which knowledge traders ticked off at registration took place.

Strangely enough, but practically nobody reads of the public offer (contract) about rendering of services by the chosen company. And there it is possible to find a lot of things interesting. For example, points about a swagger - major circumstances. In some contracts it is stated that the companies reserve the right independently to define approach a swagger - a major. And further it is written that at a swagger - major circumstances the company can change at discretion the opening prices - closings of warrants, or in general to cancel the transaction.

Still there are points on non-market quotations which are defined by the company, and the company has the right to correct them. That is it turns out that the dealing center can correct the schedule at discretion a little.

Here under what we subscribe, and then at all forums we write that the dealing center illegally cancelled our profitable transaction or finished drawing an excess figure on graphics. Generalizing everything told, I want to call you for a responsible approach to all financial questions. If were also going to trade for Forex, then choose the responsible and reliable company.

And still I want to add the last: trade on the real account needs to be begun with the small sum, about hundred dollars quite will be enough. And it will not be grieves you to lose this money. And if you are able to increase them several times at stable trade, means you are a born trader.

Also do not listen if say to you that hundred dollars are too little to earn. The main indicator for you is a stability and percent of profit. If you are not able in a year to make of 100 dollars 300, then in the same way will not be able to make of 1000 dollars 3000 and so on. Business here not in the sum, and in knowledge and experience which everyone, but which everyone can get has not.