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Who in the house the owner: you or cat?

We get a cat and we think that we received a pet, the pet. But it is the deepest mistake. A cat - a being absolutely special. To you not the dog who immediately recognizes the owner as the head of pack loves it and esteems him as the Principal Reason. The cat posomnevatsya still in your rationality...

And really, unless it is possible to recognize reasonable a being who spoils spices excellent meat moreover and fries it! Say that cats are aliens who tame people and thus carry out occupation of Earth. It is necessary to recognize that at them it very not bad turns out.

If you got a cat, forget that you in the house the owner. Since that moment as graceful pads crossed through a threshold, in the house there can be only one owner - a cat. You are or in the status of the favourite, or in the status of service personnel. Perhaps also combination: the favourite and service personnel in one person.

You think where cats are not indulged, do not allow them to run on the keyboard of the computer and to roll on a table, owners are people? Anything similar. From the point of view of a cat, it is only razbalovanny service personnel which, alas, it is impossible to dismiss. And the cat living in such house complains the acquaintance that she was enormously not lucky, consults - what to do and how to fight against disrespect of a service staff.

They say that cats are attached to the house, but not to people. Desperate slander on cats! Naturally, cats love the house, it is their Hunting Territory. So and people love the house. Let`s remember at least sayings: my house - my fortress, and walls help with the house and so on. At cats practically the same relation to the house. But nevertheless people for them on the first place. Cats very much become attached to the pets, love them, worry about them.

You sometime had to lose the pet? For example, your four-leg favourite jumped out for a door and ran away. All family in panic! All run on the yards and look for the shaggy treasure. Stop people and ask whether they saw here such and such. Stick announcements on all doors and columns. And when the pet comes back home, there is no pleasure a limit.

The same and cats. When their pet leaves for work - it is business ordinary, the cat does not worry (the kid left to hunt, will return with production). But if the pet suddenly went to business trip, on rest and so on if he is out in usual time - the cat begins to worry. If the pet just returned later - nervousness stops, but if is not present Quite often happens that cats refuse food, the owner does not come back yet, lie not movably in a corner, without inquiring in anything in the world. They worry.

How there, in this huge and unfriendly world their little biped pet? Whether there was no what to it? And how so it turned out that it jumped out for a door and was gone? Oversight from a cat! And a cat, heaving a deep sigh, accuses himself of bad supervision for the favourite. But when it at last comes back - to a cat her cheerfulness comes back. The pet was! Moreover, it independently found a way home in this huge and unfriendly world! What well done!

If the pet has a bad mood - the cat will try to entertain him. If something hurts it - the cat will use the best efforts to cure. It is capable to lie for hours on a sore point and to hum utrobno - and it really makes curative impact. If the pet is hungry, then the cat will try to feed him (cases in besieged Leningrad when cats carried to the owners rats and mice are known, rescuing the people dying of hunger). If the pet is threatened by danger, the cat will try to protect him. At the same time the cat is capable not only of usual attack on the enemy.

In one village near Kopyl (Belarus) tell an ancient story about a cat who not only warned owners about approach of enemy army, but also accompanied all family on bogs, to the safe place, showed the way. Moreover, claim that this cat helped owners to survive on a bog, hunting for them it is similar to cats of besieged Leningrad.

Any miracles and any mysticism. Think - what you do for the four-leg favourite? The cat does precisely the same. As well as the person, she feels in the answer for those whom tamed.

But if the pet behaves badly, he needs to be punished. Cats are able to do it just masterly, beginning from restriction in access to a soft cat`s carcass (the cat does not allow to take herself on hands, does not allow to iron) and finishing with the spoiled slippers. It is not cat`s vindictiveness, it is just educational process. However, here a lot of things depend on features of character of a specific cat. Come across such which go to far in punishment, dragging out process for a long time. Actually, as well as people: there are those who punished once and forgot, and is such which for the slightest fault will saw all life.

So if you were going to get an animal in the house and you are faced by the choice: a dog or a cat, think - whom you want to be? Whether you will be able to be content with an honourable role of the favourite of a cat? Or you wish equality in the relations? If the second, then get a dog, a cat better - not for you.

And if you want to see every day incarnate grace and refinement, then a cat and only a cat! You only look how it gracefully raises a back pad over the head, being licked! Pay attention as it stretches. What cozy ball turns out from the sleeping cat! Listen attentively as she with pleasure hums! Catch the refined movement of a sharp-clawed pad during attack...

And, perhaps, you voluntarily want to give it master`s powers. Let feels like the hostess, but as it is pleasant to stroke her!