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8 Marta. Whose holiday?

Yes, since the childhood are known to all that on March 8 - the International Women`s Day. That is, by definition, it is a holiday of all women around the world. It in the theory. And in practice?

Initially for the child on March 8 that it was more clear to him, is just Mother`s day. Mother will come to morning performance, and the amateur gifts to her also future men - sons, and future women - daughters will present. So some first not joining creeps in. Like why the daughter congratulates mother, and mother the daughter is not present? The benefit, the child of this paradox fully does not feel yet.

When to me was years 12, the father sent me on March 8 to shop, in the long turn is almost exclusive from men, and here I was visited by the first doubts. And why I had to go to shop? I have too today a holiday. Well it is fine, with teenagers everything is clear, they as Britney Spears sings: “Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman“. But some lonely women who incidentally wormed way into turn bashfully hung the heads, and at amicable men`s army the thought was not even born to congratulate them, and it is even better - to pass without turn.

I grew up and PR - the manager in one small company came to work. Here everything in general was excellent. All organization of a holiday on me. To buy gifts and flowers, to collect a table, to hang out in each office leaflets with congratulatory verses on behalf of men … I did it quietly and understood that, probably, it is part of my functionality.

But when our director asked to write for him the congratulatory speech, I was taken aback a little. And even tried to object that it is more pleasant to women to hear sincere words, from heart, than the next very correct congratulation of the chief on duty. He only waved away from me the words “there is no time me“.

I wrote the speech, but was rather afraid during the holiday a little, as I should read it too. Then I decided that it was simply not lucky with a profession because all female office parties passed by the principle “a holiday make to yourself“.

I got a job in other company already to other position. On the eve of the next Women`s Day I hoped that now - that everything will be in a different way that there are men ready with all the heart to congratulate the ladies - colleagues. Also everything began quite well, we were brought together at a table, presented flowers, told compliments and congratulations.

And here when we lifted the third toast for great ladies, the cleaner suddenly came. I do not know what it brought here this day, it was not ours, and “rent“, most likely at it the schedule of cleaning just coincided with our feast.

Farther it became absolutely interesting. I thought that chiefs will congratulate her. But … The wasting beautiful words of the man just decided not to pay attention to one more modest female. The woman fast walked with a mop, sniffing, and slipped out for a door. And I, probably, on old PR - a habit, jumped out behind it, having grabbed a chocolate. Of course, it was touched … And I thought that here it seems and the woman who took place, and all the same a holiday by.

Yes, and from what in general the weaker sex got a false idea to itself what the stronger sex has to and directly - it is obliged to congratulate it? It is not obliged, so? Means and to wait for something unusual this day there is no sense. Better the same as thousands of lonely women to exchange calls - to meet - to congratulate itself. And it is normal. And it usually. As Klara Tsetkin to herself thought up a holiday, so we with it also suffer now.

Or here, answer a question - who gives gifts for March 8 to tutors in gardens, to teachers at schools? Fathers? If there are such - it is simply healthy! Is not present, congratulate usually mothers. To wait from the sober unfamiliar man modest “Congratulations! “ to our shop assistants, conductors, mail carriers it is almost unreal. And that, apparently, here such difficult - to congratulate just like that because she is a woman.

No, there is, of course, a category of women who really rejoice on this holiday. So-called necessary people are officials or simply holding some important post. Here for them at our valorous men both gifts, and words beautiful are always prepared. And for mere mortals - no, did not deserve …

Yes, will be told in a justification to themselves by men, I did not think out such holiday, did not sign a consent to its carrying out, and in general - I consider it incorrect. As the director when I asked him why he did not congratulate the cleaner declared to me: “I what now, this day has to congratulate all women, perhaps?“ And I did not know what to answer. Probably, it is right.

It is good when at least close men do not renounce it morally - an outdated holiday and stoically transfer preparation of a breakfast for the spouse and the daughter. Also will not forget to call mother. It is devilishly pleasant to receive this day gifts, especially not from the category “Well, Time You for February 23 Presented Something to Me, I, Well, Too Will Congratulate You“. Though you know that all these gender holidays - such nonsense!

I know to whom the easiest to congratulate people on any holidays. To our stars. Will tell kind words in the TV - women will shed a few tears because it seems that you were personally congratulated. And in practice - it is so easy to love the whole world …

A here try to congratulate the elderly neigbour since March 8 though just once! And you will see how from your magic words will light up with a smile of her eye and shoulders will be straightened. And you will think - and can be, in this holiday something is? And I at last will answer the question - whose all - it is a holiday, on March 8?

Actually everything is simple.

It is a holiday of those to whom this Gentleman will meet today. The gentleman capable in any, the most unsightly in appearance, the rolled-up aunt to make out the Great lady.