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Daily routine: how to become healthy and vigorous?

the Most valuable that the person has, are time, and to use for the benefit to itself, it is necessary to be able to organize it correctly. The daily routine can help with it. And to build the house, the plan is necessary, otherwise the house can just fail or quickly become useless.

Everything depends on what way of life at the person, where it works, in what country. In general all people live under identical natural laws. All need to eat and sleep. And here in what time to do it, to define individually better. It is easier for someone to get up early and to go to bed early, and it is more convenient to someone to go to bed late and to get up late. And, to feel like during the day more effective, it is desirable to find for itself this suitable time. It is possible to define it experimentally, having used recommendations.

According to the Veda (the collection of the most ancient sacred writing), mind of the person has a rest and gains strength with 21 - 00 to 00 - 00. During this period it is better for person to fill up. If to consider that it is necessary to rise till the dawn, and the quantity of a dream of 6-7 hours, necessary for the majority, then optimum time to go to bed, is 22 - 00.

It is possible to have a rest 10-15 minutes in the afternoon. The dream takes away more than 20 minutes a lot of energy, a consequence in the afternoon - the heavy head.

On a note - 70% of depressions are removed just cold shower (till 6 in the morning).

Very important and quality of a dream. Even it is more important, than quantity. In what mood of people fills up and with what wakes up, will influence his health and the relation with people around. If every day to lay down with thought that tomorrow it is necessary to get up early for unloved work again, then the whole day will be not really joyful and productive. Or on the contrary, if to fall asleep with thoughts of an anticipation of tomorrow`s plans, then it will be possible to wake up even without alarm clock.

Find that you love most of all, and you will adjust sunrise it is to rise and do favorite thing rather. (M. Gardner)

is better to perform the Hard work in the first half of day, and all other in the second. In the first half you are completely loaded with a dream and will be most successful. But better it turns out to work for someone at night, it needs to be considered too. The Veda make the general recommendations for all, but it is impossible to forget about identity too.

An important factor in a daily routine - meal time. It is desirable to stabilize too it that a breakfast, the lunch and a dinner occurred in certain hours. It will allow an organism to work well-coordinated more.

According to the Veda, for a breakfast time with 6 - 00 to 7 - 00, for a lunch - 12 - 00 is ideal. In general, lunch meal is recommended with 11 - 00 to 13 - 00.

Time for a dinner - with 18 - 00 to 21 - 00. The dinner has to be a lung. It is the best of all to eat vegetables. After 21 - 00 it is desirable not to eat food, at this time, even at night, the Veda recommend to drink warm milk.

We will sum up the results:

the Daily routine includes dream time, time of meal and working hours.
needs to approach a daily routine individually, and then you will be able to achieve outstanding results.
the Daily routine will allow you to save time.

Observance of simple rules, according to natural cycles, does the person vigorous, healthy and vigorous.