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Let`s do some flying?

Planetarium - theater, a scene-star dome, and on a stage - planets of solar system, the Sun, stars, the Moon, our Earth. You sit down more conveniently in a chair, lighting dies away - representation begins. Enjoy yourselves.

The brightest impressions are impressions of the childhood. For me the visit of planetarium became such miracle. There was it in far 1987. Elementary school, sunny spring day, our class accompanied with the teacher approaches city planetarium. We open doors, getting to the small hall. It is necessary to wait a little. Children fill space with a noisy crowd, the teacher resolves organizational issues with the administrator. Here everything spoke, we go in wardrobe, and then to the hall. The program was called - “A space dream of the Why-asker“. It makes classical repertoire of our star theater to this day.
the Small hall created cozy, almost house atmosphere. Several rows of the wooden chairs linked among themselves stood an amphitheater. Over the head a dome what is in circus. So I thought then. And here the last uneasiest took the places, light in the hall went out. For several seconds it became absolutely dark. And here a voice as if from the sky, declared the beginning of star adventures. Having lifted up the heads we up and spent 50 minutes of pure time, keeping the eyes glued from created under a dome. Blinking of stars, parade of planets, lunar craters, a polar light, also you will not list all. That representation became for me the first acquaintance to the Universe. My personal flight in space.

In our country of planetaria, there is not a lot of. About fifty. In the neighboring Japan their about 200. The subject “Astronomy“ is merged with “physics“ and separately is not studied. From here does not follow that the younger generation is semiliterate in questions of the star sky, but some data set thinking. If to trust VCIOM, a third of citizens is convinced - the Sun rotates around Earth. In general interest of citizens in new achievements of equipment and scientific thought decreased: in 2007 km interest was shown by 68% of compatriots, in 2011 km - 54%. However still 18% of Russians are interested in astronomy, curiosity it remains at the stable level.
Planetarium in my city was open in 1964. In 1995 there was a reconstruction, the projector of the star sky of “Skymaster“ works. The comfortable hall on 85 places. It is slightly more than eight thousand stars, the movement of the Sun, Moon and planets, the Milky Way, flight of meteors, contours of constellations. And also in the hall a polar light, eclipses of the Sun and the Moon are shown. Various scientifically - informative programs of planetarium are calculated on the most different spectator audience. From the school student of elementary grades, to the adult interesting astronomy of the person. In our difficult, rich time in events and impressions, so there is a wish for a simple miracle. The planetarium gives such opportunity to citizens, already 48 years. The reader, choose Sunday, or day of Saturday, and make the, personal flight. Visit star theater.