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Apartment or life?

the Housing problem is permanently actual for many people. But how to solve it and what turns out as a result of each version of the decision?

My friend always planned to live with comfort. From the grandmother by inheritance she got two-room “five-storey apartment block“ in the good area, in the center. Nearby infrastructure (kindergarten, school, children`s club), a quiet court, good traffic intersections and all that means the downtown.

But it it was insufficiently for happiness. “Five-storey apartment block“ - it is not comfortable and it is not prestigious. Therefore they with the husband sold the apartment and bought housing in a townhouse under construction. Probably, wanted both to save and to benefit. Alas, but the housing burned through. The beautiful project failed. And nice unfinished houses lonely hanged on the waste ground.

But the family of the girlfriend did not despair. They took a mortgage, bought the apartment and now have to pay 35 000 rubles a month. But - spacious housing, the new beautiful house, comfort, a cosiness and all grandly - is noble. However, there are some “but“ and in their present happiness. For example, for two children schools, gardens, sections are required. And from their new house the nearest school in two stops of transport, a garden in four and to get on section, it is necessary to go with changes in different directions (depending on what section is necessary today).

It earlier existence of the yard, schools, gardens, shops was nearly indispensable condition when planning housing. And now the beautiful spacious house can appear absolutely without the yard. With two children parents should spend a great lot of time for traveling to and fro. It is good that children only two …

But this yet not most sad in their stories. The fact that 35 000 every months within 20 years take out and polozh kills. Well to you whether it is bad, there is a work, there is no work, you are living or is dead, and money in the put time has to be transferred in bank. And, while the girlfriend was in the decree, the poor husband worked around the clock. And then it was transferred for 200 km from the city to other point. And he suffered. And where to disappear? He wanted good housing for the family. And too strove for prestige.

However, this year his patience ended. He left. Also got other job. Speak, in money a little bit lost. But the most sad even not it. And that work is not pleasant to it. But it is not able to afford to find quietly what is pleasant, it has no time for search. Because take out and polozh 35 000.

Whether they are happy? I do not know. The girlfriend not especially presses in emotional stories about the life. I heard in the avaricious word once that her darling comes from work suppressed, upset. And it seems to me that happiness at them some not that. Incomplete, perhaps …

A we live in a one-room five-storey apartment block. With three children. In the silent center. Schools, gardens, children`s clubs a row (children independently everywhere go, and me it is not terrible). Traffic intersections good, yard spacious, rather pure. The area - remarkable! But to live - that is close.

And here we think over options. If the apartment to sell, add a maternity capital (it is more anything to add), to move far away from the center, then we will be able to count even on three-room “five-storey apartment block“. But nothing will be near, except unless schools. In kindergarten it is necessary to run at the other end of the world. And about the children`s developing sections, probably, in general it is necessary to forget. Even it is terrible to look at the yard on which we can count not that to release children to walk one.

There is also other option: to get into a mortgage. But something we do not want to do it. You will always manage to throw a collar, then he should be carried. And we do not love when our freedom is limited. And we want to live now, but not then. And so that with pleasure that work in pleasure was. And still we have three children who need to be grown up, brought up and provided to all necessary.

We worked a set of options. Counted risks and all plus-minus. Well thought and decided not to hurry. Quietly we earn money, we aspire to bigger, we set before ourselves the purposes some of which already reached. And … we meditate. Yes, we meditate and we release.

Minutes of a despair I as a mantra read to myself: “Everything that is given me, I have to worry. God gave me with love what I have“. I up to the soul depth trust in it. And still I believe in good luck. And in the fact that we will manage to overcome all difficulties and there will be in our life harmonious opportunities to adjust the housing question. Comfortable from all directions.

We so live four years (I have the second marriage, from the first two children, and in this marriage still the girl was added). Also you know, we are happy! We enjoy life here and now. We learn to use what to eat, aspire to bigger and not to lose at the same time - che - go.

And whose choice is better and who is right life will show...