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How to grow up raspberry by Sobolev`s method?

of Malines - one of darlings the people of berry cultures in our gardens. In the woods it is still possible to meet thickets of wild raspberry. The plant possesses a midland of Russia, quite good for conditions, winter hardiness, and berries - fine, refreshing turned sour - sweet taste.

About raspberry and songs sing, both put verses, and fairy tales tell. And from time immemorial know about advantage of raspberry and it is old, and is small. And not without reason, because raspberry contains the mass of useful substances! Therefore it is not surprising that this berry can be met almost on each seasonal dacha across all territory of Russia.

Sobolev Alexander Georgiyevich is the famous gardener from Kurgan, the big judge and the expert on this fine berry, developed for it an original way of an agrotechnology. The most important at cultivation of raspberry according to Sobolev is double cutting .

At first cutting at the end of the May / beginning of June with secateurs tops at young people (which arose in the current year) the escapes when they reach height of 50-100 cm cut (depending on a grade). In the fall such escapes are the central stalk and departing from its 3 - 5 lateral branches. By the form such escape of raspberry very much reminds a small tree.

The second cutting is made in the spring of the next year when the wintered raspberry completely is dismissed. At last year`s stalks on 5 - 15 cm shorten tops of the central and all lateral escapes. Such bush during vegetation throws out bigger quantity of tsvetonos, than not passed cutting, and as a result yields considerably a bigger harvest, and the term of fructification of raspberry lasts till September.

On the seasonal dacha (in Altai) I constantly grow up raspberry of an ancient grade Kuzmin`s News. The last several years I apply an agrotechnology according to Sobolev and with result it is quite happy.

I grow up raspberry rows, and escapes in a row I leave everyone separately from another at distance of 20-30 cm, but not on 6 - 8 pieces in a bush as some gardeners at a usual way of cultivation do. And ruthlessly I delete all other young growth of raspberry.

I fence a raspberry bed in one row with a high fillet from the earth, every spring I fill up it with humus. In the fall carefully I bend down stalks to the earth that did not freeze slightly in the winter, and in low-snow winters even I pour on them snow. In the summer surely I weed raspberry, I regularly and plentifully water and I pour a mulch from peat for moisture preservation. And here I do not loosen the soil in a raspberry brake not to damage roots of plants.

Some gardeners trying cultivation of raspberry according to Sobolev do not achieve good result because at double cutting more intensive leaving is required, and do not provide it. But if to pay to raspberry the attention suffices, then it by all means will pay back you a hundredfold, and will please every year with large, sweet and very tasty berries from the middle of summer to late fall. The fructifying site of raspberry looks fantastically, bushes are simply covered with berries, by indifferently will not pass - eyes rejoice!

Remarkable berries at the dacha are both the sea-buckthorn, and currant, and strawberry. But raspberry is my first, constant and unextinguishable love!