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How to pick up kitchen?

Kitchen - nearly the most important room in the apartment or the house. And therefore any family makes in appearance of kitchen not only appliances, but also I smother.

Depending on the area of the apartment, kitchen we will divide into three categories:

1. Small kitchen, to 6-8 meters;
2. Kitchen of the average sizes, from 9-12 meters;
3. The big kitchen which is usually combined with the dining room - over 12 meters.

When planning kitchen, irrespective of the area, it is important to consider its convenience and functionality . For the hostess or the owner it is very important to place everything in kitchen so that the most necessary was near at hand, and unnecessary quickly cleaned up in boxes.

In kitchen it is better to plan height of floor lockers and suspended shelves individually. To suspend regiments above the table plane optimum on 50-70 cm. If owners low, then access to the top offices is at a loss, and then it is better to lift shelves on smaller height, but you should not lower too low nevertheless. For extracts standards such: for electric stoves - it is 70-75 cm from a cooking surface, for gas - 75-80 cm

the Kitchen is characterized by functional zones : the place for pass, the place for cooking, the dining room. The zone for cooking means also the place for storage of products.

The basis of planning of kitchen is made by three main components: a plate, a sink, the refrigerator (in the presence of the place and money - also the freezer). Around them the kitchen furniture and household appliances settles down: microwave, dishwasher and other equipment. When planning small kitchen it is very important to enter rationally furniture among these main components. For arrangement of large objects of kitchen assume different forms of placement :

I option - all furniture and devices are placed along one wall.

option - the furniture and floor equipment are placed along three walls in the form of a letter P, and the fourth on which there is a door remains free.

option, or angular, - the most part of furniture is placed near a wall, and one of components forms a corner in the form of a letter G or L.

Such placement is most convenient practically for any area, except narrow kitchens.

During the planning of kitchen and selection of furniture mutual understanding between the customer and the performer is very important. It will provide successful selection of material, color scale, definition of a necessary configuration. It is desirable to model kitchen on the basis of ready projects with individual selection of accessories and household appliances.

Components of kitchen furniture is a table-top, a facade of kitchen, wall panels or an apron, accessories and accessories.

The cost of kitchen in many respects depends on materials of which it is made. The table-top bears the main loading, has to be steady against availability of moisture and influence of temperature therefore the choice of material is of great importance.

The main materials at production of kitchen are chipboards, DVP, MDF, natural wood.

As material for a table-top is used also artificial stone - korian (corian), for facades - MDF 19 mm thick enameled, for a model framework - the laminated chipboards.

Convenience when using kitchen, its elegance depends on accessories therefore you should not spare expense at its choice.

The cost of kitchen from natural wood, naturally, will be the highest. Though in elite kitchens from expensive breeds of trees, such as an oak and a beech, only the external facade becomes; a framework - from cheaper.

At the same time it is necessary to consider that expensive kitchens have the passport and a warranty and can be served within 5-7 years.