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Third world war: the European front

Eyes of the whole world are fixed to the situation which is developed around Iran and Syria today. The USA and allies openly prepares for war. Syria and Iran do that can at least to complicate to the enemy a victory.

The prevention of emergence of the alternative centers of gravity and in case those centers all - arise, then aggressive to them counteraction was a cornerstone of international policy of the United States always.

Today it is possible to allocate 2 countries and one association which can potentially offer alternative to an Anglo-Saxon world order. It is China, Russia and the EU. It is much written about the counteraction rendered to China and Russia therefore in this article it would be desirable to stop on a subject of the European Union.

Practically all EU countries are in a varying degree and a form allies of the USA that means impossibility, at least, at this stage of direct intervention in their affairs. Nevertheless, having created euro in 1999, so, having entered the competition to the main export goods of Washington - dollar they it is free or involuntarily threw down to Americans a challenge.

Since then there is an unsolemn cold war in which all means are good. It would seem, and here Iran with Syria? And while creation of instability in supplying countries of energy resources reaches price increase, and sometimes and an utter impossibility of deliveries for certain players. At the same time under blow there are, first of all, so most affected countries of the South of Europe from crisis that obviously does not add to the eurozone of stability and appeal to investors.

But also other countries, for example Germany which in respect of security with oil and gas, at the expense of good infrastructure and the relations with Russia, is protected much better than other EU countries are not forgotten.

As failure of deliveries from the Russian Federation is difficult, in this case the method of “green terror“ when the ecological organizations under plausible excuses destroy national economy was chosen. Treats it, for example closing of the German nuclear power plants that also without doubts will go a bull costs of the main energy carriers, for ecology from such decision only minuses.

In the same time in the USA the boom of slate gas and whether absolutely not very well, really it is perspective technology or the myth proceeds, it already played a role, internal gas prices went down. Besides oil production on Alaska which was some kind of strategic reserve on a war case earlier extends. Also the nuclear power is not forgotten, for the first time from accident for the NPP Three - the Mail - Aylend is planned construction of new reactors.

Thus, the American producers get advantage before European that as a result can lead them to a victory in economic struggle. The goods sold for euro will is banal more expensively than the goods sold for dollars.

By the way I think, all remember how well-wishers that we brought energy costs for the producers into accord with world, under a good pretext of motivation to energy saving shouted to us. And all because low internal energy costs are, in fact, support of domestic economy which possibilities of use, tried to deprive of us.

I thank for attention.