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Agassi Alekyan public and sports figure. Zauri of Abuladze of

of Agassi Alekyan public and sports figure. Zauri Abuladze
CEO of LLC Avtoban. Assistant to the chairman of City Council of Nizhny Novgorod. Chairman of the board of regional public organization “Nizhny Novgorod Armenian Community“. The member of a parish council of the religious organization “Amenaprkich Church (Church of “Christ Christ Redeemer“) in of N. Novgorode entering into the centralized organization - It is new - the Nakhchivan and Russian Diocese of the Armenian Apostolic Church. Agassi Alekyan is the person who is selflessly devoted to tennis - the favourite sport. He for the first time stepped into court 15 years ago. Since then he took the place of honor among the Nizhny Novgorod fans of tennis. he is a true athlete and it differs in it from those who just for the sake of health appear on the court. First of all, it possesses improbable will power, can work at court, without being interrupted till 4 - 5 o`clock! It is disciplined and as his rivals note, has talent of the fighter. For the sake of Agassi`s victory squeezes out itself to a last straw of sweat. It is not surprising for the person who began the way in sport with free-style wrestling and reached a rank of the candidate for the Master of Sports. Besides Agassi Alekyan was a weight-lifter in due time and achieved fine results: he became the champion of university. Still he constantly trains in a gym, lifts bars. Agassi considers that beauty of a body and strength of mind have to supplement each other. Only then the person will be developed harmoniously... As for tennis, and here Agassi wins against the rivals - he mastered a peculiar difficult game which creates to opponents serious inconveniences. Agassi practically has no
of Free time. He constructs the Nizhny Novgorod roads, multiroom houses, Amenaprkich of “Christ Christ Redeemer“ builds in Nizhny Novgorod the Armenian Temple, helps veterans and disabled people, tries the forces in restaurant business. Other person, would not have neither forces, nor desire to spend time also for sport, but tennis blows up in Agassi that adrenaline which he so generously throws then in business, in policy and in friendship … friends call Agassi Alekyan`s
the fan of tennis. He tries to act in various tournaments. He even became the champion of the first tennis tournament of “ARMENIAN DIASPORA CUP“ where the strongest tennis players - fans from the different countries acted.
the Huge merit of Agassi Alekyan that he finances sporting events and especially tennis tournaments. Thanks to its support not only in Nizhny Novgorod, but also in Russia competitions among children and veterans of sport are held. Agassi Alekyan is the surprising personality with the Armenian culture and generous traditions. Several years he gives support of tennis section in sport center of school of the back. His constant partners on court are tennis players, famous in Nizhny Novgorod: Zauri Abuladze, Stanislav Rybushkin, Levon Dilenyan. Agassi battles against them as equals. Now the talented businessman with really sports passion embodies the dream - works on the project on construction of the tennis palace with a modern covering and lighting. Agassi Alekyan`s
- the ideal father. At it 5 - ro children! All is engaged in tennis in a family practical. In a big Armenian family esteem seniors and authority of the father as the tennis player is not exposed to doubts. Watching game of the children, Agassi tries to support and praise them, even when something is impossible to them. It, he says, the criticism works more effectively with what. The technique of such education already yielded the results, by estimates of experts all children of Agassi play at the good level, his six-year-old son Alex is very capable boy, dreams to become the champion. For such gifted children of Agassi wants to build the tennis palace where 8 - 10 courts will be located in our city. It is known that for creation of a tennis star not only the natural talent, but also well equipped sports base is necessary. Agassi`s desires ordinary come true, he is a beautiful propagandist and the propagandist of a healthy lifestyle, thanks to its vigorous activity tens of people began to play sports.
How Agassi convinces the colleagues and partners in business for the first time to appear on a tennis court and to try force of the blow? He says to one that tennis will help it to distract from problems and to be loaded with energy, for other person it is important to shape up, and at someone the mood improves. According to Agassi Alekyan, game very much disciplines the person. He very much likes to spend evenings on court among adherents. Agassi wants that all his friends were engaged in tennis seriously and achieved good results.
Most of friends and business - Agassi Alekyan`s partners train from the famous person in the world of tennis Zauri of Abuladze, the athlete really devoted to the business. As Agassi speaks, he so emotionally and intelligibly explains that twice you will not make one mistake any more. “This trainer as nobody else focuses attention on a defect: so brightly and hotly explains a miss that you begin to understand the mistake and further you try to repeat any more never oversights“. During joint trainings of Agassi fine added: became technical, strong giving, blows appeared at the left and on the right. Agassi with admiration notes: “At Zauri of Abuladze, the king of the Nizhny Novgorod tennis, is engaged and many children, he finds with them a common language, children like to visit its trainings. He is a professional who knows the business, I think that my son Alex under his management will achieve good results“. Zauri Abuladze considers that Alex is the gifted, talented and hardworking boy. Agassi Alekyan`s
was born in the small village of Garni of the Abovyansky district of the Republic of Armenia on June 5, 1965. Could remain in the native land, but the destiny disposed differently. He graduated from the Gorky state university of N. I. Lobachevsky economics department in “The organization of machining of economic information“.
At once after the termination of university of Agassi opened the first in. Gorky the cooperative, and decided to base then serious business. In 1991 he created Max private enterprise. Then in 3 years founded LLC Roskhimvest which became one of the chief distributors of JSC GAZ and JSC Tatenergo.
through couple created LLC Avtoban which by the end 90 - x was one of 12 largest dealers of Gorky Automobile Plant. Along with trade in cars the management of LLC Avtoban decided to be engaged in repair and a construction of roads. The company acquired own asphalt concrete plant and the certified laboratory on quality control of a paving. By 2005 LLC Avtoban was included into ten the largest dorozhno - construction and dorozhno - the operational companies.
is During this time carried out a set of large projects: construction of roads in the territory of JSC Gorkovskaya zheleznaya doroga, military units of Nizhny Novgorod and the Nizhny Novgorod Region, repair and a construction of roads of Bogorodskoye and Volodarsk areas of the Nizhny Novgorod Region, improvement of the territory of JSC Kaprolaktam. Besides, LLC Avtoban was a contractor of Road fund of the Nizhny Novgorod Region. with
B 2004 of LLC Avtoban, broadening the sphere of the activity, was engaged in large housing construction. In 2005 the company won a tender of the Ministry of Property and Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation for building of the territory of former is rocket - antiaircraft school, and also a competition on building of a site down the street of Bogorodskoye. Two housing estates are designed: “Zenith“ (with a total area of 120000 sq.m, 18 houses of various number of storeys), and “Mountain“ (with a total area of 11000 sq.m, 3 seventeen-floor houses with underground parking). For implementation of the housing programme it is based investment - construction group “Dinastiya“. By the beginning of 2009 4 houses in ZhK “Zenith“ and completely ZhK “Mountain“ are constructed and put into operation. Agassi Alekyan`s
pays to questions of charity much attention, it helps both individuals, and public organizations:
gives patronage help to kindergarten “Fairy tale“, the sponsor of the All-Russian youthful tournament on free-style wrestling in Nizhny Novgorod, one of sponsors of restoration of unique Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin in the village of Katunka of the Nizhny Novgorod Region is general. As the trustee Hrama is awarded by a medal of Russian Orthodox Church in honor of the Reverend Seraphim of Sarov of the I degree, within implementation of the program of employment of disabled people in tax authorities supported by the governor of the Nizhny Novgorod Region V. P. Shantsev, to the disabled person - the wheelchair invalid 1 - y groups to Alexander Lezhnev repaired and arranged well the apartment, Agassi Alekyan is a patron of a circle of children`s creativity at the historian - the art museum “Kitezh“ in the village Vladimir the Nizhny Novgorod Region, builds Church of the Ascension to Chkalovsk of the Nizhny Novgorod Region.
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