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That it to esteem that not to suffer from a stress? Biblioterapiya in operation of

Not one thousand years exists this effective and quite widespread method helping to cope with stresses, to overcome adversities, sincere crises, to develop strong-willed qualities. From time to time many of us use it though they, perhaps, and do not guess it.

This method is called a biblioterapiya (from armor. biblio - the book and gr. therapia - treatment, care of the patient).

Its essence is that recommend to the person the book, according to contents close to its unsoluble problem, proceeding from it individually - psychological characteristics and genre preferences. Can recommend both the therapist, and any loved one. The main thing - to know contents of what we advise. Biblioterapiya acts as option of art therapy, treatment as art. It treats projective techniques which reveal the unconscious parties of our personality as if bypassing consciousness.

Mechanisms of work of a biblioterapiya are simple: influences mentality of the person not only the told, but also read word, the literary work can change our state not worse, than the psychotherapist`s session. The book can enter us into an easy trance, transfer the mood, infect with ideas.

Reading allows us to look at the problems from the different parties, in a new way. In addition, we anyway identify ourselves with one of heroes, we endure together with him adventures and we acquire any wisdom.

In fact we get the life experience though based on others mistakes, but nevertheless experienced by us that does this method safe for mentality and at the same time quite effective. Understanding the identity of the hero, we begin to understand better and ourselves. The conclusions drawn by it are postponed in our memory. Over time we forget from where they came, and we begin to perceive them as made independently. Besides, reading, we as if separate from the world surrounding us, we go to travel in novel places that perfectly helps with fight against a stress.

For a biblioterapiya it is the best of all to use classical literature as modern often does not bear in itself any sense. The book has to comprise some valuable conclusions, teach something, but not just state the shocking facts. The good effect is observed also from reading of biographies of the famous people.

It is better to apply the books contrasting with a condition of the client to change of mood - for example, at a depression it is better to take positive, comic works.

If the biblioterapiya is carried out within session, the therapist together with the client discuss the read work, find out what feelings and emotions were caused by the book whether the person found something useful to himself. The emotional response of the client which will mean his interest in this or that problem, maybe, and not realized is important for the analysis.

The expert can suggest to draw the drawing connected with a book subject that will allow to understand even more deeply a problem and will supply with the additional information for therapeutic work. Imaginations on “What Would I Make on the Place of the Hero?“ are also important elements of therapy, they give information in what way it is possible to overcome a difficult life situation, and without projecting experience of other person - the client dreams.

Only lack of time and dislike for reading belong to shortcomings of this method, perhaps. If the person does not like to read - better not to force him, and to find an alternative method (for example, to replace with viewing of the movie). If matter only in a lack of time, then it is worth convincing that even 15 minutes before going to bed will yield after a while positive result. Besides reading possesses good somnolent action.

Biblioterapevtichesky opportunities can use as according to the recommendation of the expert, and independently. Knowing a specific problem with which you want to work, it is possible to pick up the book which will help with its overcoming.

In Europe there are special biblioterapevtichesky catalogs in which without effort it is possible to find the suitable book. Yet it is not in Russia. Employees of libraries and bookstores, the reading colleagues and friends can help us searching. It is possible to look for the book according to its summary and responses of readers. It is worth belonging to the recommended age category of the book attentively.

The Biblioterapevtichesky technique is a technique, free for creativity, there are no correct and wrong answers. Here everything that you think is correct. Having thought of one of heads, analyse, than it touched you what thoughts come to mind, perhaps, to you will be remembered some concrete situations or the mood will change - think why so occurred? All this remarkable material for self-knowledge and self-development.

Also it is worth emphasizing that if there is no wish to read, - it is better to pick up something else or to postpone the book for a while. It can mean unwillingness to solve a problem or the fact that time did not come yet. Or the person does not trust in opportunities of a biblioterapiya and considers it as waste of time. In that case you should not draw - psychotherapy business voluntary, and coercion will be not simply useless here, but also is harmful even if you force yourself.

Anyway even if you will also not find the concrete answer to your question in the book, all of you equally significantly enrich the intelligence, will broaden horizons, and it is already a lot of.

The level of our development is higher, the it is more at us than vital resources for the solution of the problems, the more simply these problems are solved and the more time remains to enjoy life.