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Signs in our life: great gift or grandiose joke?

the Car which poured you from a pool from legs to the head, the green traffic light which is lit directly before you suddenly lit sun, banana on which you slipped, someone`s surname pursuing you - what the general between these, apparently, absolutely not the connected things?

And the fact that they are the signs pursuing us throughout all life and letting to us know, what will be farther? But whether really they predict to us future? Or it is just casual coincidence, ridiculous misunderstanding and our carelessness? Whether it is worth listening so diligently to them?

First of all, it should be noted that still our ancestors paid attention to signs. Since then they act as tradition, as a symbol of the popular wisdom helping to be saved from troubles. Partly, as well as our ancestors, we resort to peculiar interpretations of the phenomena from a lack of information on world around. For what? First of all to understand inexplicable, to predict frightening future. At the moment of some uncertainty which brings us discomfort and there is a wish to glance forward and to look that all - will be. We begin to pay attention to signs when are not self-assured and we need support. It is considered that it is most subject to superstitions of people, being in an extreme situation, a stress: suggestibility grows in a condition of alarm.

Signs give us feeling of control over the life, give confidence in difficult, risky situations. They act as the mechanism of psychological protection for the disturbing people hardly transferring uncertainty. Lack of control over the future forces the person to ignore a rational aspect of life, to connect among themselves the phenomena which actually are not connected by any relations and to draw some conclusions for itself. Conclusion, start up also absolutely not logical, gives feeling of safety and security.

Besides the “medical“ function, signs can also excuse for our fears, laziness, unwillingness to think and change something in life. It is always simpler to dump on someone or something, than to be responsible most for the acts. For example, the person deliberates whether to take him the credit under huge percent for many years just like that, not for business. It it seems as well as is not necessary, but it seems and there is a wish. At the time of his thoughts lit the sun. The person regards it as a good sign and takes the credit.

But where logic? Where objective reflections about relevance of this transaction? The appeared sun depends on the speed of wind and the size of the cloud covering it and if this person looked at the sky, he could choose a moment for confirmation or a denial of the actions. Over time he will understand that to take such credit was a mistake, and will begin to be perplexed, at best: “How so? Good the sign was such?“. And in the worst, this ill-fated sun will also become responsible for unprofitable debt obligations.

It is interesting that interpretation of signs is not always universal. One person will be upset concerning the stolen a march black cat, and another will be delighted. As a rule, to optimists positive interpretation, to pessimists - negative is characteristic. Signs surround us, values go from within the person - only he, seeing a sign, interprets it, and on the, proceeding from the psychological characteristics. Any “sign of destiny“ can be explained objectively. Before you green light of the traffic light was switched on? But it is lit through a certain interval, so you appeared in due time about it. The door of the train opened directly before you? And trains always begin to pull up with a certain point, therefore, and they stop in the same place, with a margin error in couple of centimeters.

Very often “thanks to“ signs we throw begun because allegedly “everything hinders the achievement of the purpose around“. But often it is impossible just because we do not know from what party to approach and what to make. We forget that “it is also impossible to drink a piece of a tree, as well as to chew water liter“, and stubborn we continue to prove to ourselves and others that we can do it and when absolutely we despair, we look for a justification in the form of “signs“ and, of course, we find them: “There were no relations because he is a Taurus, and I am Lev“. And meanwhile, if we have a rest from failures, collected the strength and realized the mistakes and changed strategy if it is pertinent, we would reach everything that was wanted.

To estimate it is unambiguous, the belief in signs is useful or harmful, it is impossible. Certainly, the disturbing, diffident person will earn to himself a heap of sores if he does not find confirmation to the fact that in the future everything is formed. If signs give it feeling of control over a situation, confidence why and not to use them? But on the other hand, the belief in irrational interferes with development of world around, creativity and ingenuity. As a result, superstitions prevent realization of informative and creative opportunities of the person, in exchange ensuring him safety, protection, habitualness.

Whether it was more useful if we undertook more responsibility? We do not come to work because we are not able to join collective and therefore we constantly swear at colleagues, and at all not because yesterday the chief came in a green dress, and it means that today you will have a day of failures. Perhaps, the name pursuing us throughout long time simply widespread, and failures which it bears just that we wait for them and we see nothing else? And transport approached in time just because we are good fellows today: in time rose and left in due time?

And still, anyway, only to you to decide how to live: to follow intuition and to trust in signs or to trust reason and to objectively assess a situation. If the way which you chose suits you, gives self-confidence, does not prevent to live to you and your relatives why and not to use it? What you would not trust in, the main thing that to you it was good, and auto-suggestion will make all other work.