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How to win against a shopogolizm?

It is glamourous, magnificent and prestigious. It - dream of a great number of girls. He creates around us visibility of success and wellbeing, and people around even do not suspect that it is only a facade behind which there is nothing else, except internal emptiness, sleepless nights and huge debts. He can hide for some time, but hour will come, and it all the same will prevail!

It is an artful, selfish and dangerous illness which is called a shopogolizm.

Shopogolizm, or an oniomaniye (and also compulsive shopping, an addiktion to purchases, dependence on purchases or expenditure of money) is a chronic persuasive aspiration to do unnecessary purchases in uncontrollable quantities, without thinking neither of need for them, nor of consequences.

Consequences of such dependence are various - it is both huge financial problems, and illegal actions, and problems with relatives and at work, a suicide, depressions, bad mood, a breakdown, and also psychosomatic diseases and mental disorders - a depression, fear neurosis, persistent sleep disorders, the aggression directed to itself or people around.

Certainly, this dependence is dangerous, but, as well as any other, at desire it can be overcome. Here some recommendations to learn to control itself:

1. If you are dissatisfied with something, you have some problems or someone offended, do not reward and do not console yourself in purchases - be honest with themselves, realize a problem which disturbs you, and try to solve it.

2. Crucially you treat persuasive sellers, you remember that only you precisely know that it is really necessary for you.

3. Try not to come across tricks, like “Do not take for fitting of money“. The more you are in contact with a thing, the heavier to leave it.

4. You are not ashamed to recognize that you are not able to afford something. It is absolutely normal. Allow themselves to have additional incentive for growth.

5. If you liked goods, think, you would take it if it was another to the touch? In a different way would look? Was other form and the price? Other manager would offer it? The answer “No“ at least on one of these questions says that you came across a marketing trick.

6. Dare to have the right to decide not or to refuse at all purchase.

7. Always make list of all that you be going to get, think over what qualities and the price the goods have to possess and only after that go behind purchases.

8. Allocate yourself a certain sum which you are able to afford to spend and gradually reduce it if it is difficult to you to refuse reckless purchases at once.

9. If all of you - did not restrain and gave in to an impulse, nevertheless do not reproach yourself, take the responsibility for this act, admit to yourself that you are not right that gave a weak point because wanted to you so to behave. Promise yourself that you will behave next time because you do not want to be in oniomaniya captivity.

10. And at last, address the expert if it is impossible to overcome dependence independently.

And still, despite the concealed dangers to refuse consumption at all it is silly. But it is silly as well to depend on it. The goods have to act not as the purpose of life, but means of achievement of the purpose. Do not allow purchases to become your owners, they have to serve you, help to achieve your dream, and then you will really feel happy, free and independent.